Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For the sake of Wee Wombfruit

So, I'm beginning to note that this being pregnant thing really isn't a short little hurrah. I've still got a ways to go. (I'm 15 weeks ya'll) I'm not complaining...hey free baby, right?... i guess it is just all still new to me. (Oh, question to the moms: When do I get to stop buying more clothes? Do you just wear the same 2 "Sunday dress" outfits and 3 pairs of sweatpants week after week? I guess I'm not used to a limited wardrobe.)

Anyways, the baby is doing well...at least I haven't heard any complaints from down there. This Sunday something fun happened. Adam and I were watching the Panthers lose (sigh) and I was (of course) petting my bubble tummy when I felt something different. To my amazement there I could feel the baby's rapid little heartbeat! I told Adam to come see if he could feel it too; the smile that spread across his face confirmed I wasn't imagining it. How cool! I checked my What To Expect When You're Expecting book and it said that if you're slender you can feel the little one earlier than would be typical. Very cool.

Did you know that some of your normal activities and foods aren't safe for you or your baby once you become pregnant? Yep, there are lots of fun dos and don'ts in this season. So, for the sake of my Wee Wombfruit (who is 3 and a half inches now! go buddy!), i shall abstain from:

Running a marathon (oh yeah, i had plans...)

Sniffing insecticides (surprise)

Pointing my toes (wha..?)

Smoking (real bummer that one)

Soaking in the hot tub (a.k.a. "the baby boiler")

Eating fish caught near a major city or industrial plant (duh)

and standing in front of the microwave while it is in operation (evil waves..those ones)

These are all according to my doctor and my books written by doctors. It's good to know that God is really the one in control and the Protector of the wee ones and he is 'fearfully and wonderfully' making my child.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Spiderpeed, Spiderpeed, does whatever a spiderpeed does...

Have you ever...dealt.. with one of these before??? Emily and Leah hadn't.

Leah was brave.

Emily was not.
In the end...Spiderpeed met his end in the vaccume,
but Leah and Emily no longer felt brave... they felt like crying.

Love you sista!

Just Fishin'

Recipe for One Fabulous Fishing Trip:
Take 2 determined fisherfolk...
Add one extra large Mountain Dew...A little patience, a sprinkling of rain...

...and by golly you'll git yerself one fine pink-bellied sunny!
(yeah, Em didn't git nothin'.)

i love you tay. -sis

New Belly picture and "Meet the Birds"

Three-month "bump." Grow, Baby, grow!
(and for you rumor starters: no, i'm not sticking it out...the belly really is poking out that much. come pet it. it's real.)
Jake (the new guy)Bargeory and her "Popi" napping

Doing one of her tricks. ew.Celebrating Bargeory's first adoption birthday. She had a cherry tomato "cake" and was scared to death of the candle.