Monday, May 30, 2011

Adoption Update: Home Study Wrapping Up

Let the waiting begin. Our home study is drawing to a close, we've sent in our family "profile" book for moms to view, and now we wait for that "call" or for our training (starts this fall), which ever comes first. We're excited to be done with the work of the study, we're one step closer, but this is the boring part where there isn't much going on. Summer is a good time to have "nothing" to do tho, because there's still fun distractions to enjoy like family day-cations and making new popsicle flavors. And we know Baby will be here soon enough. I totally bought a tiny pair of vintage mary-jane shoes at the thrift store last month tho. Apparently I think we will be given a little girl. We'll see...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

E is Three! : Part Two

For Eva's third birthday, we celebrated with "Tea for 3 (years)!" and invited all the fair little ladies of the land to come. Magic brought to you by Patti's tea time pretties, Mummzie's paper pompoms, and the Bubble Machine.

Instead of gifts, we invited folks to contribute to the dress-up trunk that we've begun for Eva. It was a huge it!

Some got really into it...

... others did not.

But everyone and everything was just lovely!

 Pink Lemonade Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Butter Cream
(psss, they're whole wheat and half-fat...don't tell the "fair ladies")

 The "Fairy" fun area

 All Mummzie's birthday parties growing up had a craft (go Mom), and so we're passing on that "tradition."

 Tie-dye Butterflies

    And after a quick costume swap... they did this at least 3 times...

... it was Cupcake TIME!

Make a wish! (with a little help)

Oh, yeah... and the boys where there.

As well as Ms. Abby

 and Ms. Faith with the only other boy... lil' Jonathan

One last event...

...the Dress-Up Dash!

  MVP of the day was certainly Bubble Machine. Best six bucks I ever spent. 

Happy Birthday, Evangeline!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

E is Three! : Part One

The "First Present" family tradition
(You can open it as soon as you open your eyes on your birthday!)

Gummies for breakfast!

Yum-Yum and Bumpa's present....


 Makin' birthday spice cake with cream cheese icing!

Grandmama and Granddaddy brought Birthday Bear, and that completed a good birthday weekend.

Now it's time to work on NEXT weekend and party time! Coming soon... tea for three (years).

Strawberry Fields Forever (or at least a morning)

Made the trek out to Millers Farm this past Friday for some strawberry-pickin'-fun-ness.

Eva had to be convinced that something she found on the ground was "OK" to eat.... then she wouldn't stop.

Solomon was the bite-and-spit type of berry eater. (he decided not to like them)

Faithy was my champion picker! She would dutifully pick one berry for her basket before eating another.

If you plan to visit Millers, be aware they don't have real restrooms - only the Johnny pictured at the base of the silo behind Eva - but that Jon was clean enough. Somethings you'll wanna bring if you plan to go to the patch: sun block or a hat, rubber boots, baby wipes, a wagon for crossing the street with little ones and hauling your haul, plastic bags for muddy clothes and shoes, and lunch. There is no shade in the fields (obviously) or at the picnic area, but there is dirt - a great heap of it - for the kids to climb on and play with trucks (provided) in. Note Eva's knees. We had a great time with both the dirt and the berry pickin' and would definitely go back! They also have peppers, flowers, and other things for picking and purchasing. (see their site) Dawn W. says they have the BEST ice cream you've ever tasted... might need to go back to check on that.