Friday, March 30, 2012

Eva Quote: Snuggle Forever

e:"Let's snuggle forever, Mommy."
M:"But what if we get hungry?"
e:"We'll just eat cupcakes."
M:"Okay, but what if we wanna do something else?"
e:"We won't, but if we do, we can just do that thing, then come back and snuggle forever."

Sounds good to me. ♥

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Girl

It's been a while since I've posted just about my girl. She changed a lot over the last several months as she nearing her 4th birthday; there's really no more toddler left in her these days. My lil E is maturing. Lately she's all about school, chores, getting married, and copying everything Mummzie does with Dre. "I got it! I got it!" is one of Eva's new catch phrases. This week E's learned about independenc vs. humility after several flashes of frustrated effort to do things herself; Mummzie is seeking to help E see that everyone needs help sometimes - even very grown-up little girls.

This winter "semester" Mummzie and Eva have dove head-long into preschool following an online curriculum. Evangeline is eating it up! We're working to establish a routine of work and school in preparation for next year when it starts to matter.

Daddy does "Bible" with E a couple times a week, and together, Mummzie and Eva are studying some memory verses, letters, colors, numbers, motor skills, writing, shapes, time and calendars, weather, and some science. It's total fun. Eva can recognize and recite her family's names, write her own, count to 20 without mentioning one "farteen" (we're sad to see that phase pass), and can recite 5 memory verses with references! Mummzie and Daddy are so proud. If I spent more time with her with these things, I'm sure she would know more, but for now this is what we're able to do and it's going great!

Here's our "school board" that we made using a $10 oil drip pan from Walmart as a magnetic surface.

Every weekday we observe the weather, mark our day on the calendar, go over our verse, shape, color, letter, and number of the week with different projects.

Daily chores are also part of the routine and Mummzie and Eva work together to make things purty. Eva's chores include dusting, wiping the oven front, wiping finger prints off the windows, watering plants, loading and unloading laundry, and wiping the bathroom sink.


Chores vary daily, but there are some we do every day, like hair-brushing and making our bed!

Another one of Eva's catch phrases: "Can I have a snack?" (that's what she's asking below) Our girl is growing, but not too much. She's just right for weight at 32lbs, but she's on the short side at 38in - only 10% of American 3.5 year-olds are her size or smaller. She's just following her mama's genes, I guess.

Thanks to a growing body, a new burst of fearlessness, and a strong desire to do things on her own, this kind of scene (pictured below) is more and more the norm. Yep, E's most common catch-phrase these days is "Oopsy!" and we've taken to calling her "our Daisy" sometimes because of it, tho she's not in on the joke. 

Favorite food: Nutella

Favorite toy: ALL the Babies (some not pictured, but all loved). New word: "Nuffalot" Definition: "Enough to have a lot." Usage: "Looks like I have a nuffalot of babies, Mama."

And that's our girl.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Sup with Dre: 8 months old!

I'm happy to report that this month...I grew.

 You knew you could count on me! This month I'm checkin' in weighing about 22lbs and I'm taller, but Ma is too busy to check how much... maybe I'll get back to ya on that one. Anyway, life is good. I'm breakin' in another tooth and I figured out how to use my fingers to grab tiny stuff - Ma an Pa are delighted as usual. I can play peek-a-boo too, but only to catch chicks. I'm up on my knees and rocking some these days, but only if they make me. I prefer to sit and yell for transport like any self-respecting gentleman would.

Looks like I'll be getting somethin' Ma calls a "Cranial Remolding Helmet." Apparently my head isn't shaping up in the back how my doctor thinks it should (thanks to that broken collar bone at birth), so in the next couple months if you see me sportin' defencive headgear, don't get too excited... I haven't been drafted, yet.

 In the last few weeks I've given up on talking, except one word, "Guh" and I use it to call Mom. She doesn't like it much, but I think it's funny that she comes anyway. Oh, and I really dig her lately. Somethin' about her...okay, I'll admit it, I've kinda grown a soft spot this month, but let's keep it between us, k? Truth is, Ma has this way that just makes me melt. Sometimes, I could just sit and "guh" at her for hours.

More new foods have been on the menu this month, which is good, because I've been considering weaning early - bottles are for babies. These days I prefer blueberries, yogurt, and if Dad takes us out, ice cream!

A few of my favorite things these days are hitting anything I'm holding against anything else, spitting, and biting (the friendly kind, no worries). I make Daddy proud. I also love music - especially live singing. Wanna get a grin? Just give me a melody.

Did ya know I'm a details man? Yup, I notice everything. Daddy changed his shirt? I've got a comment. Ma put up her hair? I need to see where that hair went. Sissy has chocolate on her face? Don't worry, I'll get it. The clouds move, I notice. A chair is in a different location than the day before? I give it a good stare-down. Ma says this is all a sign of high intelligence, I say, "Duh."  

I wanna be a big boy so bad, but my body, for now, isn't getting getting the plays I'm calling. When I try and can't go play with the neighbor boys and Sissy, I throw tantrums. As they should though, they come runnin' back when I bellow.

Catch ya later!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These Two

"You smiled... and that's the last I've seen of my heart." -Unknown

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adoption Update: Last of the Paperwork

Ain't he a miracle? And so handsome! Mmm, hmm.

Last month we saw the one year marker of when we first called our agency to start the process of adoption. Our adoption journey was unusally short and lavishly blessed. We have SO much to rejoice about! Wow.

Our state mandated 6 months "term of evaluation and supervision" has ended, and last month we met with our adoption attorney to file the last of the paperwork to make Dre's adoption final. In a few weeks he'll be officially a Campbell as recognized by the state of Virginia. Maybe we'll throw a party...maybe we'll just throw our little man around like he loves. : )

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow Days

My angels (Aawww.) Yeah, they're almost the same size.

Though they've melted fast, we've had three fun snow days this winter. Dre-boo got out for this one, made a few drool-cicles.

Sissy was delighted.

She puts stuff on his head. It's what they do.

Dre fell over, but not out, so... success!

That's right, head-first.

My boys even braved the sledding hill together.

All this wreckless sliding around was a bit much for some nervous on-lookers. "Daddy, don't bonk a tree!" That's my girl.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eva Quote: Hold On

e (pointing up at Heaven): "I bet it would take a loooong time to get up there."
Mummzie: "Maybe. Maybe it's a quick trip. How do you think we can get there?"
e: "We'll just hooooold onta Jesus." (southern accent)
and that's all it takes. : )