Thursday, July 28, 2011

Silliness, Sittin' a Spell, and Ceiling Slicing : The Hawkcrew Visits (yay!)

My parents and sibs decided to use their precious few vaca days with us Campbells this month, and we're SO glad they did! Here we are "sittin' a spell" in the evening air testing the coffee and weight limits of our deck. (no offence, y'all)

My darling sis (along with her boyfriend Ian, he's the one above relaxing on the table) was able to stop in for 24hrs and get some "face-time" with e. My little girl has been asking for "auntie Eli coming back" ever since.

On Sunday Grandma took us all out to a delicious lunch and Geo and Sue (my dad's bro, obviously) were along for the fun as well. As Gma says, "It is good to get the family together." She's so right.

Eva's latest obsession is Where's Waldo books, so everyone took a turn helping her find him.

The real attention grabber of the week was the ceiling peeing leaking down in the den. (Our own dear Taylor was sleeping a mere 6in from the stream when it started. Of course he slept on through the running and towel throwing.) This is the cooler that was used to catch the water.

I say, if you're gonna have one, the best time to have a water leak (God knew), is when your handy dad is in town. And since he was going to cut a hole in the ceiling, naturally, a crowd gathered.

After the first incision...

"Confirmed. We have cut a hole in the ceiling... there." "Where?" "There." "Where?" "There." "Ah, there." "Yes, there." (Okay, I'll stop.)

Since that hole just wasn't big enough, we sliced some more.


Confirmed: hole in ceiling is too small. Solution: Make it bigger.

Please raise your hand if you have any questions.

Commensing Test 1a ...

of a six part test confirming that, indeed....

We needed a bigger chunk out of the ceiling.

For real.

Sometime during Test 2c the crowd grew restless: Painting nails.

Suspicion confirmed: We have a leak.

Cracked grout in the shower upstairs allowed a steady stream of water to fall through the sub floor under the tub (yikes) if the shower head was aimed at the wall. (something we hadn't done before so we hadn't noticed any problems - we use that bathroom for bathes for Eva) As much as I'm making fun of the process, we really were relieved to figure this one out. Thanks, Dad, for helping us discover the source of the problem! We're going to have a contractor replace the tile and patch the (ahem) little "spot" on the den ceiling.

With that issue resolved...

...we all headed outside for the next event...

Watching Dad fix the gutters.

This time he actually patched a hole. Thanks again, Pops. Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

We heart you all.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Hot July



Moo. (Cow Day at Chickfila)

At the zoo, my little lamb feeds a little lamb.

For the bigger Campbell clan eatin' pie together is true patriotism.

Sweet summer.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adoption Update: Mothers Come and Go

o Bebe, where art tho?

It's been about two months since our home study wrapped up and we haven't gotten our training yet (that's in September, remember?), but we've been encouraged by having two mothers already view our family profile book. We weren't selected these times because one of the moms decided to parent her baby and the other wanted a Latin American family if possible (which she later found). We know that we weren't selected truly because the babe that God has for us wasn't those babes, and we're cool with that. We honestly didn't expect to see any "action" before September, so these instances have been uplifting and kinda exciting - both moms were having their kiddos in a matter of weeks or days when we got the call! So we keep waiting, but we know it won't be long.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th!