Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Week Wirlwind!

So this kid turned 5...

... and just days later this kid grew up! (So pwoud of yoooou, Alan!) Congrats to A&A, it was fun to celebrate with you! Sadly, these are nearly the only pictures I took. I was a little distracted with the cubs.

After all the prep and celebrations, we were pretty dog-tired.

So we did some nice, pleasent hanging out, eating of left-overs, playing games, sleeping-in, and reading books as a fam.


Later in the week, after sleeping in 'til noon most days, the ones of us that were left, headed out for some exploring.

Spotted some posers doing their thang.

Aw, look at my cutie parents!
Aaaaand some more of these two, because I try to give the people what they want.

The next day, The Huz and Dre stayed home (so they could nap and work), and the rest of us headed to the mountains....

...where it rained, so we hid under (and in) the trees until it blew over.

Special week, happy memories.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Celebrating Evangeline's 5th Birthday

I'm finally getting around to posting these after weeks of craziness! Better late than never though, so here they are... We celebrated our girl's 5th birthday a little early this year because of a very important wedding that was scheduled right around her real day.

This year Eva requested a "Royal Adventure" theme for her party because she "wanted to be a princess that went exploring with her friends for her birthday." So we baked a batch of cookies and cream cupcakes, donned tiny crowns, and headed to the park for a scavenger hunt - it was quite a fun day.

This year Evangeline Emma has grown in several ways. She's gone from a sweetly-quiet, stubby-legged early four year old to a tall, opinionated, fast-learning five year old. She's taught herself to read and write, and can now stand on one foot without falling over (about time). This year she tried ballet and loved it, learned to ride a big-kid bike with training wheels, hiked many miles of trails with Momma, baked bread, started a nature collection, built a snofa, went stargazing, was a flower girl twice, learned 5 bird calls, taught her brother to talk, took care of 10 pets (one turtle and 9 fish), and climbed 2 mountains!

Probably most exciting of all, is God's work in her little life. As she's grown, E has had ever more questions about the world, God, and her own heart. Understanding scriptures has had a big impact on her heart, as well as learning how to love a busy little brother. Fear would be the biggest challenge she faces as her mind is absorbing everything around her. Trees, bugs, animals, splinters, wind and any unidentifiable noise regularly inspire moments of terror. We know God is going to use this growing knowledge of her smallness and His bigness to capture her attention. Her Daddy and I have been trying to be faithful to help her look to the only Anchor for her soul when she's petrified by her inability to control her world. We're eager to see what He has planned for our kiddo as she continues to be affected by the Lord.

While fear might be her greatest weakness, it reveals her greatest strength of smart sensitivity. Evangeline loves her friends and family very much and regularly reminds me to pray for them and send them notes and encouragement. She's quick to make new friends, and loves to help little ones, and they love her! Well, an exception might be little brother at times...he doesn't seem to appreciate all the "help" smothered on him; he'd rather delight in his new physical independence and favorite word, "NO!" Other than with Dre (humorously), Eva is quick to pick-up on emotions and tones of voice and ask thoughtful questions of the adults around her. I think God's going to use her to continue bless those she loves, and it's been a weekly joy to fan into flame this spark of grace in her.

Precious, crazy cubbies.
Happy birthday to our Evangeline!
Eva’s 5 year Interview
What is your favorite color? Purple, Pink,
What is your favorite toy?  Bunnies (Calico Critters)
What is your favorite lunch, drink? Mac n Cheese, apple juice. What is your favorite outfit? Dresses and skirts for Sundays
What is your favorite game?  Checkers What is your favorite animal?  Dolphin
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Maggie, Baby Hope, Tiger and Green Blankie What is your favorite song?  Peace like a River What is your favorite book?  Dinosaur Train and Dino Pop-Up Book 
What is your favorite TV show or movie? Fresh Beat Band, YoGabbaGabba
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play sprinkler What is your favorite holiday? Easter, because I like finding eggs
What is your favorite day of the week? Monday, because Daddy is home with us
What is your favorite part of school? Coloring hearts, but I’m not really good at it because I tried and they’re squiggly.
What’s something you’re good at? Being gentle with my fragile toys
What’s something you want to do when you grow bigger? Read big words, so that I can read to my kids that I’m gonna have when I’m big. What do you want to do for a job when you grow up? Singer on a stage, because I want to play the piano.
Do you want to get married? Who? Yes, somebody like Daddy because he’s sweet.
Do you want to have kids? How many? Yes, 2, a boy and a girl. I want a girl because they’re easier to take care of, and I want a boy because they’re playful.
Do you think you’ll be a good mommy? Yes, because I already know how to hold babies.
What are you most grateful for? My bunnies and kitties (Calico Critters)
What are you afraid of? SPIDERS! And trees, because they could fall on me.
What makes you happy? Sparkles.
What is God like? Like Jesus
Who is Jesus? I don’t know… not like me, I have sin sometimes.
Who is your best friend? Ruthie and Ellie, I like to sit with them.
What do you like most about your Daddy? That he lets be play on his phone.
What do you like most about your Mom? That you let me take pictures with your phone.
What do you like most about Dre? That he says 'Da-doo'
What’s something mommy/daddy always says to you? Daddy says, “Yo, my kiddo!” Mommy says, “Not right now.”

Monday, May 6, 2013

Eva Quote: Three Twins, Two Turtles

e:"I just got these two turtle guys (sockie+slimy), and I'm taking them for a walk. don't worry, I kept their tags in case I gotta take them back because they're naughty."
then later: "Yup, gotta take Slimy back... he was sliming up the house. I'll keep Sockie tho, he was gooder."

e:"Mom! I saw three twins!"
M:"Oh yeah?"
e:"Yeah! They were in a cage."
M: "What?"
e:"In the back of a truck."
M:"What? Where??"
e:"Back there..."
M:"Are you sure? Like ...babies?"
e:"Yep, baby dogs."
M:"Oh, ...gees."



Saturday, May 4, 2013

That's right, amigos, it's Cuatro De Mayo!

what do you get when you take 4 tortilla chip lovers, add huevos rancheros, and a corny sombrero photo shot? this year's Campbell celebration of Cuatro de Mayo! It appears that you also get flamingos... but I'm not sure why, ask Eva. (uh, Dre was afraid of the sombreros, so he was super Zorro instead of a muchacho.)