Friday, April 26, 2013

Eva Quote: All-Knowing Alan

Some might have seen this one before, but I recently rediscoverd this adorable photo shoot with the two of them, and thought I'd reshare the quote with it here...

e:"Just up past the planets and stars, that where God is, right?"
M:"Uh, I don't really know."
e (mischievously) :"You don't know anything, but I know EVERYTHING!"
M:"Really? And just how did you come to know all these things I don't know?"
e:"Alan taught me."

Somehow I doubt that.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eva Quotes: Where Jesus Works, Tuggies, Ahda and Skirtsies

e: "I bet Jesus didn't have time to see the dinosaurs [when He was on earth], He was too busy taking care of people."
M: "You're probably right."

e:"Kids are called 'tuggies,' and adults are called 'big turtles taking care of little turtles.' Lady Lage (Tiffany Delage) told me that."

d:"Ahda?"(dre's name for his sister)
e:"I'm right here, I'll sing to you while you get your trim. No worries, I'm not leaving."
...and then she sung a song about hair cuts and Dre and Christmas. It was all very soothing until Sissy picked up the sheers.

e:"We are dancers! Dre's the one who bows, and I skirtsie." (skirtsie glory on bottom right)

 e:"Does Jesus live in my heart?"
M:"Well, I know He works there every day, but I don't know if He's living in there just yet."
e:"I hope He moves in someday... can I have tuna?"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Eva Quote: Wormy is Toooo Cuuute!

M: “Okay, it’s time to stop playing with your gummy worm and eat him.”
e (horrified): “ But I can’t…”
M: “Mommy would like you to finish your dessert, please eat your worm.”
e: (bursts into tears)
M: “That’s quite enough of that…”
e (sobbing): “But I can’t eat him! He’s too cute! He’s just too cuuuuute!”
M: (attempting to her stifle rising laughter) “He’s very cute, yes, but he is also food, and we can’t keep him as a pet or a friend, he’s sticky food that was made to be eaten.”
e: (buries face in hands sobbing)
M (laughing): “Eva…”
e (through sobs): “He’s just tooooo cuuuute and I want to keep him.”
M: “Eva, please regain your self control and listen… how about we take a picture of him for you to save forever.”
e (sniffling): “Okay. But I will still miss him.”

She had me print her this photo so she could 'make sure this picture was never lost.' Great.

Fearless Spring Hikers on the Battlefields


Exploring the battlefields on a bright, cold morning.
 "Today I am Snow White the Hiker." (see the colors)
"Let's bring Grandpa here."

One little, two little adventurers.

It really is great outdoors.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Well, I tried for the perfect shot...

...but then I remembered who I was working with.
 It's a good thing they're cute.

Happy Easter!!