Friday, February 27, 2009

A Secret Email

To: Eva -(Mommy don't read)

From: Dada

Hello my mini-love,

Don't tell mommy, but I was able to make reservations for Monday morning for us to go eat some peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream, then to have something healthy, we'll have some strawberries!

Anyway, then we'll go get our hunting gear for our trip. Can't wait to kill and eat a raw animal with you.

Remember, mommy can't know. Our cover is we are just going out to buy her a shiny new necklace. Don't worry, she forgets!

Love you. Throw more meat in mommy's casserole.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Hair Tale... or Tail

It's winter, people let there hair grow. I let Adam's. Then we both got sick of it after a while and decided to trim it up.

Here's the befores:

very lush

And here's the mullet...

But it wasn't as "lushious" as Adam wanted, so we decided to send him to school the next day with this little accessory... Behold!

The Rattail!

Snow Days

It's snowed about 5 or 6 times here so far this winter, but it doesn't always stick around. Here are pics from 2 times it did:

2 1/2 inches
the creek near Hannah's mansion

kiddos slidin'


sunny and snowing... never seen anything like it!
E getting ready to venture out for her first snow exploration.
"Do these pants make me look fat, Mummzie?"

After finding the (much cuter) mittens that Uncle Crazy Tay gave her, it was time to try the snow! At first there was mild interest...
... which quickly grew...

... and with one over-excited lunge,
poor baby Eva found herself face first in the white stuff.

She was very brave for being so cold!

Ok, maybe not very brave.
And though Mommy tried to cheer her, Eva did not like the snow anymore.

She did like the sneeze she had tho!, Mommy got a smile.

Back inside warm and snuggly...
... and with a snack!

That makes everything better! Let's all go get a snack everyone!

The Travelin' Preacher

This past Sunday found the little Campbell crew off on a big adventure. Attempting to live-out Proverbs 31, Emily arose 'while it was yet night' to dress, gather things, and generally 'make ready' for the long journey to Pennsylvania. Adam ran his well-crafted sermon over and over in his head as he dressed one very sleepy baby girl in her jean jumper. Together the three set out at 7am to be able to make it to the 10 o'clock service at Living Hope Church in Harrisburg, PA where Adam was scheduled to bring the Word that morning. He was jazzed, his girls were groggy.
They found the cheerful little church meeting at a local high school (think N. Meck, y'all!) and joined them for a morning of meeting with the Lord. The Holy Spirit clearly was present as Adam gave his first Sunday morning message, and though his girls couldn't be on the front row, they excitedly cheered him on from the hallway. He did have a little section of fans though; some where school buddies from Bloomsburg University. (Yeah BU!) What a blessing and privilege to meet and learn with God's people.
Adam bringin' it!

Roaming the halls with one very tired baby.

The Bloomsburgers

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hapi Valentines Day!

For Mimi, who would think this is "just too much!" and for Auntie Eli who also knows how to show off her sass. Lovies!

Friday, February 13, 2009

9 Months!

We happily celebrate 9 months of Eva this week! She's saying Ma-ma, as you know, as well as Da-da (much to the delight of him) and na-na, which means "Feed me banana!" Ha! Gotta love that. And she's pulling-up on things this past week. Go, Eva, Go! Her 9mos. doctor appointment showed her to be all in the 50 percentiles. Nice 'n average. (Tho we think she's very smart!)
We are blessed!

My "Little Destroyer"

"Aren't you so proud of my exploration skills, Mummzie?"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Exciting Firsts

First Tiny "Toof"
She was so good for these 30 seconds... then the yelling started when Mommy was all done. "Hey, wait a minute... that wasn't fun! And I didn't even get a snack out of it!"
New just this week...

Adam debates that "mama" was not her first word, but that it was "Athanasius."

She's crawling much faster these days...

Christmas Part 4 - Stotts Christmas Bash

... and then, since we hadn't had enough yet, we travelled to Richmond, VA to party with my mom's family.

E with Uncle Allen
... and with beautiful cousin Cath
It just seemed like everyone wanted a piece of her! Look out Eva!
"Oh gees... Auntie Eli got me."
"Free once more!"

And Aunt Debbie tried to teach Little girl the finer points of crawling...

"Am I doin' it right?"

"Man! this is exhausting!"
The Paparazzi
The weather was so pleasent! So it was outside for pictures.

Here's Adam pontificating to the Beautiful about who knows what.
Addsie wish he was getting such attention.
My beautiful little family
Sweethearts Gmama and Gdaddy Love you!

What a blessing happy holidays and sweet family memories are! I hope you all had and have the same!