Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Party's over, I guess.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Christmas at Home

I know it's February, Christmas is so last year, but I just hadn't gotten a chance to put up our Christmas pics yet and I had to get them in order. So here, finally, they are:

This was our first Christmas in our new home and the first Christmas Eva would remeber...

...and she liked it very much!

Reading about Baby Jesus Chrsitmas morning.

First presents

The ladle was "favorite."

"Best Favorite"

Daddy liked DC+You+Me
(took him to the Newseum downtown)

And family came to visit us in the new place!

This year we all gave to charitable causes and read about them together around the fire before Reese's s'mores and cocoa. It was a special time.

And of course we had to take a family portrait!
This is the Hawkins' side of the family clan, my dad's brother George and Grandma Anna with Aunt Sue (the three all clustered center-right). The rest is "us."


My favorite outtake. Nice melon, Dad!

And the Hawkins, Hawkins, and Campbells

Hope you all had a Hapi Christmas, everyone!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The BIG Snows

I know I already posted this picture, but it's just so stinkin' cute!

We got hit with an incredible amount of snow in one day (at least it was to me the Carolina girl) this past December. We felt quite buried even tho it wasn't quite 2ft. It was gorgeous to have a white Christmas, but it took until this past week for it to melt! Amazing. Eva loved shoveling with Daddy and telling everyone to "Look! Shnow!" each morning, but if you invited her to join you for a walk in it, she wasn't game. She didn't want to get "Wet dirty." It would be, I'm sure, intimidating to a little one to try to walk in something up to your waist!
Now again, we've been hit with an even bigger amount of the white stuff so it reminded me to put out this post! This is what it looked like then (in December) and what it looks like now only a bit more ...and more fore casted for this evening! Crazy Ol' Man Winter! Approximately 42in so far this season and still counting!

This is the creek in the back yard.

We should probably fix this...

Getting Ready for Cupid

It was a thing of beauty to behold when she was done, and so she beheld. (Soberly)
Headed to Mimi & "Gramper's" house the week! Yay!
In my mind I've gone to Carolina...