Thursday, December 20, 2007

Isn't SHE lovely, isn't SHE wonderful... hum hum humm

My little thumb-sucker. Waving "Hi!"

So lady-like.

Baby Girl's Profile

Yes, we are having a GIRL! She's growing well, and all checks say she is healthy and normal. Praise God! After we found out, her daddy was sitting in the patient room staring at the ceiling, "I'm so excited that we are having a girl!" he said dreamily. (Yes, sometimes Adam says things in a dreamy voice, tho he'd rather you go on believing he doesn't.) So, clearly, the Lord thinks that the Panthers need more fans. I agree. GO PANTHERS!
Yesterday was my 20 week marker. There are more aches and pains, but just as many baby wiggles, so it's worth it. Only a few more months to go!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fat Feet and One More Week

Yesterday was the 19th week marker. We are making progress. It's getting harder to hide The Bump and harder still to ignore my feet when they get fat and red after a day of shopping. (Gotta prop them suckers up!) This last Sunday I received the most "petting" of the Belly yet. As Eileen said, "Baby Campbell is here!"

One week from tomorrow we find out whether Wombfruit is a Panthers fan (girl) or a Steelers fan (boy)! Now is the time to place your bets...Baby's mommy votes that it's a boy and Daddy 'doesn't have a sense either way'.... so what will it be, ladies and gentlemen?