Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eva Quote: Magical Clean

M:"e, can you go wash your face, please?"
e:"Yes, Mom."
5 minutes later, e appears and triumphantly shows off a clean face.
e (with hands on hips): "Ta-da! I didn't clean my face!"
M (confused): "What?"
e: "Nope, I DIDN'T clean my face, I use magic!"
M: "Oh yeah? How did that go down?"
e: "I was in the bathroom, and my fairygodmother appeared and swished my face clean with a wave of her wand."
M: "Alright, well, I'm just glad your face is clean."
e (suddenly serious): "That didn't really happen, Mom. I actually wiped my face clean like you said to. I'm just kidding about the magic thing."
M: "Thanks for clarifying."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nature Walking

Monday, January 28, 2013

Eva Quotes: Hazel and No Playsets

e: "When I grow up and have my kids, I'm naming them all Hazel."
M: "Even the boys?"
e: "And I will have six."
M: "What if you are calling your six kids 'Hazel!' and they all come running because you called all their name?"
e: "I wouldn't do that, I would call 'HazelS!' .... THEN they would ALL come."
e: "When we die, if we go to the bad place, does God leave us?"
M: "Yes, He is not there, that is why it is so bad because all good comes from Him and if He's not there, then nothing good is there."
e (very solemnly): "Yeah, like no play-sets."

Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Warmth

After all the nuttiness of the holiday season, I always LOVE the return to routine in January. Eva has loved it too as we've gotten back to school and such. Her new love is writing "lists" and menus on her own. I believe she is going grocery shopping here... that's pretty good for sounding it out herself! (Bread, milk, apples, napkins,etc)
 We found/were given some good options for the upcoming weddings this year...

And we've been baking and cooking up a warm storm as the weather has finally started to act like winter.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

December Happy Times

At long last Blogger is allowing me to put up my photos again... I don't know what was wrong, but I think I fixed it for now! Yippy! Here are some happy hightlights from our December...
This year was even more delightful than last year since both kiddos really were able to enjoy the season. "I love the tree so much, I'm going to hug it!"
A little winter magic was spread around the house.
Enjoying the glow.

Making many sweet holiday treats for friends and neighbors.

Our tradition with Mama Patti
Family visits and fun with gifts!
Did you know, swings are just as fun inside the house... out? It's true.

Festive foot-warming, another family tradition.

Elf yourself!

More fun with gifts

cute couple Christmas cuddles

Christmas feast, complete with coconut snow globe cake by Magical Mimi

Another big highlight of the month was Eva suddenly teaching herself to read! What fun that has been!

Dre became a "big boy" learning how to talk in sentances and moving up to his big bunk.
these two are still the best of friends...

...most of the time.

Happy (LATE) Christmas and New Year to you all!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

puzzles and walks

with winter so mild, we've been able to play a lot outside, which is the boy's favorite thing. when it's not fair out, we do puzzles and games and school, the girly's favorite. : )

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet November

The happy faces of November:

...playing at the park

family time
and Thanksmas memories. : )


M: “Oooh, look at the moon.”
e: “No, no. That’s a star.”
M: “But it’s shaped like a smile…”
e: “It’s a smile-shaped star, silly. They’re all shaped like smiles, you just can’t tell because they’re so far away.”
M: “Really.”
e: “Yes, really. I know about it.”

e: “I cocoa-ed myself.”
M: (laughing)
e: (giggle) ….“No... really.”

 M: “What do you think that sound is?”
e: “ I don’t know, but I do hear a seal somewhere at the faraway ocean.”
M: “A seal? Don’t you think that maybe that’s the neighbors’dog?”
e: “No, it’s a seal. I’m sure about it.”

Good Morning

"S'more oatmeal, please!"