Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ready Freddy?

lookout freddyburg! the campbell clan is heee-ya!
it felt like we would never make it, but at long last we are in our new hometown. we're currently living in a cozy bedroom at the delage/derrick estate while we house hunt this summer. it's a packed house with 6 adults, 6 kids, and a dog. (the derricks, tiffany's folks, live in the basement apartment.)

Our Charming Room

we're settling in easily so far it's been really a blessing. i've found ways so serve and (wonderfully) ways to relax. eva just loves the kids and all the extra places to explore... especially the 3 staircases. (yikes!) the "estate grounds" are beautiful! we're doing well.

The Office

First Day On The Job
(he dressed for it too, as you can see.)

ken and adam share that one room in the basement as their office. guess they'll be best friends in no time! although with ken's "in your face" redskins hang-up they may not...

church meets on saturday nights and adam was down in the "cave" preaching to the bookcases in preparation for this past weekend while we set up all those folding chairs. it's fun to be here on the "front lines" of a young church. is the coffee out? check. did someone find the song sheets? check. is the toddler poop cleaned off the toilette seat? check. like i said... finding ways to serve!

eva took her first step on wednesday at the playground. it scared her, so we thot she wouldn't be attempting it again soon, but she has done it 2 more times this week. go girlie! : ) and she stands all the time with great balance. she's doing great with all the changes too. she likes her closet "bedroom," feeding the dog what she doesn't want from her tray, and yelling at her new buddies if she thinks they are ignoring her. she's saying, i think, 3 new words (hey!, dog, and waffle) and, like i said above, climbing the stairs until her heart's content. i love my girly.

so that's our update, now for the prayer requests....
there's the "usuals" faith, wisdom, strength, joy, and gratefulness.....

we really want to be a blessing to our new family here on the estate and our new freddyburg family, and the best way i know how to do that is to be daily going to the Fountain of Living Water for refreshment and filling. please pray for faithfulness to and affection for our Savior. pray for adam and ken as they are regularly studying God's Word, administrating the business of the church and preaching. pray for unity of thot and heart and humility for the team of leaders and pastors. pray for protection and provision for us all. and pray for freddyburg to be open and watching and listening as we offer them the Gospel of Life.
the new church opens to the public in august and we want to be ready, so pray for the administration of and favor for that.

us campbells could also really use a car (we're looking for minivan) and a house of course. we went looking monday with our realtor and saw some "possibles" but not any dead-ringers. we're going to keep looking for now and get some advice about some of the "possibles." i'll let y'all know if anything happens. thanks for your prayers, folks.