Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 Pounds of Adorable

We are still alive and have made it to 6 weeks! Little Girl is growing well... really well. At her last check-up she has caught up with the rest of Babydom and is now a whoppin' 10lbs. 2oz.! (Mommy thought her back was aching for a reason!) She also grew 2 inches in the past month and is now a long-for-her-age 22in.

She really is getting big. It sort of happened overnight. Last week, Adam and I couldn't figure out why her car seat buckles weren't snapping. I had been coaching Eva, "Stop sticking out your belly, ChickenBean." Then we suddenly realized... oh! she must have grown! That is why she was dying to eat every hour and a half last week. Glad that passed!!

In case you were wondering, "ChickenBean" comes from two names my mom always calls her little babies: Chicken Little and Lil Bean. I call Eva those too and, as you see, sometimes they are combined to form a delightful new name. Wink.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Eva!

My Cutie.

Throwing up the Rock Fist.
"Mom's makin' crazy noises. What does she want?" Trying out for Gerber.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A very long night...

Do babies sleep at night?

Baby and Mommy are just getting up now... at 2pm. Poor Daddy has been at work for hours. Yeah, last night was a rough one. Adam and I both took our turns until around 2am. Little Eva did not want to sleep or even just be quietly rocked. She wanted to cry and eat, cry and eat, cry and eat. I hear they eventually grow out of that pattern... but I wonder sometimes if we're gonna make it until then!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who do I look like???

Here are several sleepy pictures of all 3 of us Campbells all around the same age. Who do you think Little Girl looks like? ....
Or Daddy?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Evangeline Gettin' Clean

Eva has decided to be against good hygiene... at least for now. She spits, drools, makes messes in her pants, doesn't brush her teeth, and yells at Daddy when he bathes her. Oh well, she will learn.

It was quite funny, the whole bath time thing. She'd cry, then we'd pour the warm water on her and she'd stop, then cry again, then water, then stop. It went that way for a while, so with Mommy and Daddy working together we managed to keep the water coming and scrub the funkies away at the same time. Sitting in warm water was just not enough for our bean. But she'll need to learn that until she's bigger, showers are for big people, baths are for tiny ones.

Eva hates being "nakey," I understand most babies do, but she's always warm. Often too warm and the sweaties make her hair all sticky, poor baby. Mommy has learned that sometimes just a diaper is best. Daddy encouraged this no-clothes thing, when Little Girl would wail for no reason while doing her favorite thing...riding in the car. I was afraid people would think we were bad parents for not dressing our kid, but Adam pointed out we would be bad parents for letting our poor baby over-heat! He was right of course, and so off we went with our "naked" child on a family car trip to Sonic. Mmm.. fruit juice slushy!

Mommy has since dressed her little girl in her diaper and just a ruffle-bum cover. It's pretty cute actually, and Evangeline loves being cool. Pictures of ruffle-bum to come...

Note: You will notice that Baby Girl is gaining good weight! Check the chubby cheeks coming in! Love it! So Hawkins.