Sunday, February 19, 2012

'Sup with Dre: 7 months!

Yo! Don't it look like the football is shrinkin'?!
That's right, folks, another whole month OWNED by this guy, me, Dre. I'm awesome.

 As you''ve guessed, I'm taller now, I try not to disappoint. Ma is praying that I don't keep growing until we get warmer weather. Apparently someone didn't plan for me to be in 18mo clothes at 7mos old, someone didn't know she was dealin' with Da Dre!

I learned my name this month - it's Dre - and I like hearing it. Duh.

In other big news, this month I busted out with my first tooth. That thing has got me droolin' more than normal, which is already more than normal, which makes Ma make this face like she's eating a lemon. My first word may have been Dada, but my second word will probably be "Eeeew!"

My dad is pretty cool. I dig him. Well, we all dig him. He makes us laugh. He comes up from work in the evening and calls each of us with a different "hello." Ma's sounds like the Ricola commercial and goes like, "Aye Hottie!" Sissy's is accompanied by a deep voice "Where my Gangsta at?" And mine sounds like a gorilla roar and looks like it too with all the chest pounding and head shaking. It gets me. He gives me the Roar, I give him a huge, gummy grin, it's our thing. This month I've started doing the Roar back to him, complete with head shake - the man goes crazy... well, more crazy. Gotta love him.

I make a bunch of new sounds and I'm tryin' lots of new foods. Ma even gave me a gummy bear bit the other day. I am so her second child. Y'all know I'm super strong already... You don't know? Well, I like to stand holding onto stuff and bounce or take steps. I don't pull up on things, but Mama sets me up. It's fun! My doctor says I might not crawl because of how big I am at my age, but I might surprise ya folks. We'll see...

One of my favorite things these days in biting shoulders. It's how I say hello. Chicks dig it. I also like bathes!

Mama took away my precious swaddler this month. Made me mad... for like a day... then I discoverd how many cool things I could play in bed with my hands free!! Like spinning! Sa-weet.

Somethings I don't like are strangers. This month I suddenly looked around and realized I prefer my family. Everyone else gets a shy head duck and silence or a wide-eyed look followed by screaming.

Church is really scary. Ma tries to tell me something about how she needs to be "fed the Word" or she's not going to be as good of a mommy for me, and I'm trying to tell her to eat whatever she needs to eat at home where I'm happier. Still she insists on going, and I insist on yelling over the message. We'll see who wins in the end. So far, I'm 3 and 0 for messages yelled over top of... she'll crack.

Peace-out, y'all.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines Sweetness

 This Valentines Day was the first one we've really celebrated as a family. Of course Eva was delighted with all the pink, sugar, and "I love you"s. I made scavenger hunts for the Huz and her to find their sweet treasures. This one lead him to a photo collage in the kitchen.

E was near hyperventilation with the discovery of each new clue.

Finding the treasure was actually a bit of a let down because the hunt was over!

Ooh! Stamps and sweets!

Daddy's and Mommy's treasure...

And, as per tradition Adam cooked me whatever I wanted, which this year was creme brulee! Yeeeah, he's a catch.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eva Quote: Triscuits

Eva looking at the Triscuit box: "Mmm, these are good! Thanks, Daddy, for sharing them with me... uhm, but next time do you think we could have them with a little bit of cheese? I think that's how their supposed to be eaten."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

At last! SNOW!

Finally! We have snow! This afternoon, very suddenly, this hit. Nearly white-out conditions, but just for an hour.

This might be our only "playable" snow this winter, so we skipped naptime for snowtime.

We made Snow-Eva and Snow-Dre "worshipping God." (the reason she wasn't smiling here is because she was singing.)


Monday, February 6, 2012

Sick Babies

Nothing's worse than having a miserable, sick baby... that is unless you have two of them. After Christmas, both the sprouts went down hard with a wicked cough for three weeks. The ladies at our pediatrician now know their names, nicknames, d.o.b.s, and other info by heart. We had some sad and snotty little faces around here for a while. The nebulizer, as you moms know, is particularly distressing for little ones (and their mamas too!).

Thankfully, the sprouts did good job cheering each other up.

We're all well again here, but it's been off and on every other week - I've missed a lot of church. Blame the warm weather, I say! We just need a good hard freeze to kill off all the viruses... and snow makes everyone feel happier. : ) Stay well, y'all.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Celebrating "Freaky Feastings" Family Day

BaconMacNCheese Muffins
Cheddar Broccoli Pop-Pies

These turned out great!

Puff pastry with a bite of cheddar and broccoli inside.

Chocolate chip cookie dough balls smashed in the waffle iron for 2min...

... makes waffle-cookies, or ...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dre Quote of the Week: First Word!

After much betting between Mummzie and Dad on who's name would be first, there was a winner this week: "Dada!" That was our boy's first "word!" For the past month, Dre has been babbling both "maamaamaamaa" and "daddadada," but we say those don't count as actual words unless he says it on command or in response to one of us entering the room/appearing. And that was exactly what he did, thrice on Sunday... much to "Dada's" delight! Those two are two peas in a pod, my boys - together a lot, having their own secret language, keeping each others secrets, etc. It makes me so happy to watch them. After three years with a VERY girly Evangeline to love on delicately, Daddy is lovin' this noisy, physical, slobbery, enthusiastic relationship with his little "Dre-bomb."

Here's a picture of kinda "how they roll."