Monday, October 31, 2011


Last year's Halloween we teamed up with our buddies the Prices at our place for "tricky-treating." Maybe we're starting a tradition, because this year we trick-or-treated together again, tho it was at their place, AND we added a couple new handsome participants. It is wild to think that only year ago we had no clue that both these little boys would be joining our families in the coming year!

Group shot!
 A Fire-breathing "Dre-gon", Princess Lolly from Candyland, Purple Butterfly, and Baby Monkey.

Yup, this is the best I could get out of her these days - such a goof.

So regal.

Yes, I computer-drew the teeth on for this one after I realized I took the picture before the teeth were installed. Oops.

Hope yours was as spook-tacular as ours!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Schooling Begins! (glup?)

This month as a family of four we've (thank heaven!) begun to get into a daily/weekly routine. Naps and meal times are predictable and with everyone able to get 6hrs or more sleep per night there is more cheerfulness! Yay! However there is also more energy - on Eva's part that is. She's looking for interaction and participation in everything I'm doing, which is good, but exhausting. So, I've laid out a day-plan for her and I and part of that is starting.... gulp... schooling.

Sure, she's only three, but like all my friends are doing it! Plus she's been asking and asking.... since all of her friends are doing it. Darn peer-pressure finally cracked me. No, not really. I've known that she has been itching for more than coloring and paint and next year I'll really want to be teaching her something, so this year is all about establishing the routine of school each day. And of course she's loving it. I bought her a new set of markers and a pre-k book from Wally-world to get us going.

Last week we studied the color blue, squares, baby animals, and circles!

I gave E a sticker pad and told her to find all the circles she could on the first floor. She was delighted.

Next we did some combined science and art (I think those two will be going together a lot for us) and made bird feeders with toilet paper tubes covered in peanut butter and seeds. The birds attacked those things!

We also discovered how ants work to find food for their colonies. We made a toxic mixture of 1 part honey and one part Borax and fed it to some scouts who had wandered into our kitchen. In a few hours they had brought the whole nest to come eat the delicious "sickness soup" that we had made. (Haven't seen them again every time either with peanut butter or honey.)

My girl's favorite subject is definately math. (oh boy) She asks for more everyday and never gets any of it wrong. Any ideas, ladies, on how to encourage her? I'm so scared of math. : )

First time writing her name, we haven't worked on this, she just decided to give it a try. Go, girly!

Studying together.

So after a few weeks of schooling each day I have to say it ain't so bad, and of course E's super into it. I think I'll even enjoy doing more with her as we go along. The one thing that kinda makes me nervous is how much she's eating up math. She begs for more numbers, counting, and adding (yep, she can!). 

School and I didn't get along much when I was growing up. Though I got good-ish grades and my mom (bless her heart) was a good teacher, I cheated and skipped and skimmed and generally wasn't a faithful student. As a result, I'm not sure what the Korean War was or when WWI happened or what a square root is or how to do long division or how rain is formed or what a conjunction is and the greater gator gives me a panic attack. (seriously, i saw him the other day - freaked me out.) Someone was joking about the "American-Canadian War" last week and I didn't know to laugh - my grasp of American history is so slim that I actually believed that war existed. But I'm making this about me, aren't I?

Eva is so excited to learn and that has changed my view of teaching at home. Her desire to figure things out, put things together, and devour every library book encourages me. I'll just learn everything again (or for the first time) with her and later Dre for as long as we home-school them. Adam is also planning to take on a few subjects with them - especially as they get older, so that encourages me too. It'll be a family-affair just like it was for my family growing up. And who knows? Maybe I'll even get over my fear of the Gator. (but not likely.)

Monday, October 24, 2011

'Sup with Dre: 3 Month Stats

3 Month Weight: 16lbs (more than half of his sissy's current weight) Length: 25.5in (guys, this is almost the same size his sister was at 6 months!!)

Growing more gently now (Mummzie's back is thankful), our boy is daily more social and expressive. We know he's going to have a cheerful day if he spends the first hour of it yelling excitedly. Dre: It's simple, Ma: A man must always be refinin' his charm pow-ah. He can support his own weight with his legs easily (when held) and sometimes even scoots across the floor when on his back using those strong legs. He supports his head completely and has such strong back and tummy muscles that he can sometimes sit up for a minute if propped on his hands. His push-ups need some work, but being born with a broken clavicle (collarbone) might have something to do with it -and he just hates his tummy-time! You makin' me sound like somekinda wimp, ma, messin' with my toughness cred. We're learning more and more lately just how much this child likes to rough-house. Nothing makes him happier than being squeezed, (gently) tossed around, or sparring with his tiny fists. If you want to get a smile from him, don't coo, growl! Looking to get a laugh? Easiest way: (of course gently) swing him low like he's falling! Mummzie's wild child, this one. Now dat's more like it, Ma.

Look, ma! Sittin' up a little!

Oop, all done. Falling down now.

My Little Handsome

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Family and Silly Faces

Sweet silliness in September

Dre is unimpressed.

A nice touch of Tay for the background... nice photo bomb, buddy.

Sissy love.

More Sissy love.

(one half of that last one is a little scary...wink)

Our Little Celebrity

This past month brought many adoring visitors to the Hallelujah House - including Mimi, Grandpa, Tay, Patch and even Gr.Grandmama and Gr.Granddaddy! (Mimi's parents)

Everybody wanted a piece of the newest grandbaby!

The Paparazzi were pretty intense.

It was a bit much.

Attempting a group shot...


Oh well, we tried.

More of Mimi's visit to come...