Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SOLD! Weez ar Home-O-nahz!

Today was Closing Day!
First we read, and we read, and we read...

... then we signed and we signed and we signed... (over 20 times!)

... an den we wuz HOME-O-NAHZ! (homeowners)
This is Adam painfully handing over the The Big Check and me happily accepting the keys to our first home!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some nights, after work, Eva and Daddy like to jump...

hey, der guys, it's me, eva. jus wanid ta tell ya about my jumpin with Ah-dee Dada.

i'm a priddy good jumper. see?

da trap-a-leen is so big for eva, but i can still do it.

Mummzie say i have good balance.

... mostly she's wight.

my can do a lot of cool tricks on da trap-o-leen. see? dis one uncle Crazy Tay taught me.

Ah-dee jumps with me. we bof fall down a lot.

and when we're down, we wrestle.

dis is wona my escape moves. i call it da freak-out-mummzie-flip. it's good.

after i beat Ah-dee Dada, my need a break, so i lay down and point at da trees...

... or give Dada some feedback on his Sundy sermon.

Ah-dee Dada bounces me while i pick at the tree droppings.

whew! after dat much jumpin,' eva is pooped.

my needs to rest.

but dat Dada, boy, does he gots some energy!

ya gotta love dis guy.

shady out. (the end)

Monday, August 3, 2009

What Eva's been up to...

It's been a little while since I did a Babygirl update.

Evangeline will be 15 months old this month and has 4 new teeth.

She's currently walking, but you'll find her speed-crawling for efficiency often throughout the day.

She loves to "fix" things (seen below) and problem solve.

Her personality is daily evolving much to the delight and sometimes fright of Mummzie and Dad. She quite the little sponge and is mimicking all her new buddies quicks and silliness. When she's overwhelmed, for example, she smacks herself in the forehead. Where did she get that one from??? There's too many possible teachers here!

Her favorite songs are "Ho Why Dod" (Holy God - Gospel Song), "Ee O" (Old McDonald) and "Nay Tee Zee" (ABCs)

Her favorite toys are her buddy Faith's dollies, any plastic spoon or fork, and books.

She's learned to go down the porch steps, but not a whole staircase yet (too scary!). Also learned, unfortunately, barking like Levi-dog.

(I think she's praying here...)

New words include, "Uh, Oh! Wawo!" (spaghetti-o) and "weee!" (when baby doll is riding in the stroller) When Eva plays, she totally makes different voices for the different dolls ... one is deep and scruffy sounding and the other is high and squeaky. (Mummzie and Dad??)

Favorite foods are goldfish crackers, raisins, and FRUIT!

We're even beginning a little utensil training. A very little.

One disastrous munchkin. Thanks for breakfast, Daddy!

Eva loves her buddy Ruth Delage (10 mos.). I think she envies her afro-poof.

...and her bling.
(I think she's noticed that Ruthie is borrowing her necklace for the "Ebony and Ivory" photo shoot.)

Ru-Ru is so beautiful!

They love each other, right girls?