Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eva Quote: Ocean Pie

e: "I'm a mermaid, so I NEED Ocean Pie."
M: "Oh, really? What does Ocean Pie taste like?"
e: "It's mostly like cherries and seasoning."
M: "How do you make it?"
e: (thoughtful sigh) "You get a peice of crust, get pumpkins, cherries, and seasoning, and you make it. And then more seasoning on the top. ... Oh! And one thing I forgot, you can write this down, toenail polish."
M: "Toenail polish?"
e: "Yes, for the top too."
M: "Okay, I think I got all that... (scribbling) ... here's your recipe."
e: (Mild scoff) "No, no, I don't need the recipe, I know how to make it, YOU need the recipe. So, I guess you can make that any time now..."

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Jumping" Into the First Week of School

Eva and Mummzie started some preschool lessons this past winter, and we loved it, so we were both excited to start again this "semester" and post things up on our magnetic "school board." (Drip pan for changing auto oil. $10 at my Walmart!) In case y'all care, I'm using a couple sources online and building her curriculum weekly. We're studying the weather, shapes, numbers and counting, letters and writing, scripture memory and bible stories, calendar days, rules of our house, animals, the human body, cooking, and colors. Both of us have a favorite part of school, and that's checking the weather and posting it with our felt forecast pieces. Totally fun. Hopefully, when it's Dre's turn we'll have this all setup and easy to use. Learning as we go!
Where's Dre during this time, you ask? Having his "Dre Time," as Eva calls it, in his pack 'n play filled with balls downstairs yelling happily. Grateful for sweet kiddos.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ian and Elissa's Wedding Day!

We had wonderful time over Labor Day weekend celebrating with my sister and new brother as they got married! Being in the wedding party you have really great "seats" for the event, but you can't take any pictures during the actual event because you're busy! So, y'all will have to be content with behind the scenes and a photo from Facebook. : )
Getting hair and make-up done.

Dressing (isn't she stunning!)
"Is my veil on right?"

Check the teeth, it's GO time!
Congrats to the Clarks!! Love you two!
(via Adam Hawkins on FB)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Alan Moves In

For the last year or so, my brother Adam, called "Alan" around here by his niece and nephew, has been visiting nearly monthly... you can see, he loves us, but he also kinda digs this girl who lives here in Freddy... last month, he packed up his loot and moved himself from Carolina to Virgina - from his place to our guest bedroom.

The kids had been bouncing off the walls the first few days as we adjusted to life with more fun in it.

It's been an adjustment, but a blessed one. 
It so fun to be up close (and personal!) as my bro pursues his girl and the Lord's will for them together. We love you, Alan, and we're glad you're here!