Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Bit of Party

It was a rainy day, but there were cupcakes, and so we partied just a little bit for a little girl.

Oops, we forgot to light the four...

Painting rocks!

Eva using one color at a time...

Solomon using every color at one time.

Elias eating paint and snacks.


Yay for ballet!

And yay for balloons!

The cubs and their mamas (in the mirror).

Everybody say, "Happy birthday!"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

'Sup with Dre: 10 Months!

'Sup y'all! Glad to have ya back here with me, Dre-Dawg. This month Ma and Pa have been less interested in my pee-wee football weight and more interested in the growth of my head. So that helmet thing they make me wear is "working" - whatever that means. Actually I don't have to wear it as much now, so I'm glad of that. I think Sissy is glad too; she doesn't call me "Skunk-head" as much. Apparently my headgear can smell funky at times to some sensitive types... okay, and everyone else. Whatever, I'm awesome.

10 Month Stats:
Weight: 23.5lbs
Length: 30in.

So ya know how I said I had decided to stick with my bottles a while longer? Yeah, well I guess I never passed that memo on to the higher-ups, because two weeks ago Ma was saying something about a cold turkey now I'm nothin' but sippy cup all of a sudden. What wha? It's cool tho, cuz it means more table foods. Yermz. (that's Ma's word for yummy)

Dad is still favorite. He's just sooo cool. Our thing lately is head-butting, and now with my helmet, I can totally take him. Grrrr!

Sock buddies!

Ya know how the parents really want me to crawl and pull up and stuff? Well, lately I've decided that I'll throw them a bone and give it a try... on my Dre terms, of course. So I only like to pull up on Ma or Pa, not anything else (too scary), and only if they are sitting on the floor. I tolerate my tummy time, but only because I can slide around on the floor like Soop-a-man. Sometimes I do this thing were I catch Ma's eye, and then I get up on my knees half-way, and fake an attempt to crawl just to get her to cheer and come running. Fun-ny. She's so gullible. I do call her by name now tho, so don't think I'm always mean to her. Another cool thing I "say" is a bubbley-drooly version of "Sshh!" to make Sissy laugh and "Mum-mum" for more food. So, ya know, the essentials. 

Do you guys know I like my sleep? It's the truth. I sleep from 8pm-8am at night, then take a nap from 10:30-1:30, then another nap from 3-6pm. Been this way since I was 4months old. I'm kinda the champ in that way, sleeping, and the parents sure dig it. But, with all these developmental changes going on at once, plus I'm getting older, I haven't been sleeping as solidly some days - too much personal awesomeness to think about. Take that extra awake time in my bed though, and add itchy skin from the weather changing temperatures so much, and you get Capt. Scratchy, as Daddy says. Kinda freaks Mom out to find her baby's face all nicked, bloodied, and rough when she comes to wake me up, so look what she's done to me, people. I'm not Capt. Scratchy, I'm Sergeant Sausage Arms.

Besties pretending to rest-y. Sissy digs my pack-n-play.

Lately Ma and Pa have finally caught-on to the fact that I hate the cold. They let me wear my beloved sleepers all the time now so my nose doesn't get chilly in the AC. It's mid-May y'all, and it's been over 80 here a several times, and I haven't worn shorts and a T-shirt yet. Don't even think I own a tank top, which is a shame cuz I got great arms. Yeah, the chilly ain't silly to the Dre. Unfortunately, my family are like half-Viking or something and LOVE the cold. Dad can't handle any kind of humidity indoors and Ma and Sis are always wilting after 10 minutes in the sunshine. Couple of shade flowers, those two. In the picture below notice Sissy's mini skirt versus my sleeper - with undershirt on underneath. Yeaaahup, it was a shivery 74 on that day.

I hear my name a lot, and I like that, but in the last few months I've heard the parents and Sissy changing my name. So I used to be Dre, right? Well, it seems my new name is "No Dre" now. I don't get it. 

Favorite these days are BATHES, drumming on everything with everything else, playing toss-the-ball with Dad, eating leaves, playing tag with Sissy, Ma singing me to sleep, anything with Dad, frozen yogurt, and rolling.

Gimmie those "old soul" eyes, won't you Baby?


Happy Fourth Birthday, Evangeline!

    This past Sunday our little girl became a "big girl" and turned four. On big days like this I notice folks say things like "My, the time has flown" or "She's just growing up so fast," but I'm happy to say I don't feel that way. These last four years with Evangeline have been filled with many happy seasons and moments that were marked and enjoyed as they came and went. Watching my giddy baby turn into an wobbly waddler and then a thoughtful toddler (not a normal combo!) and now a graceful little girl has been a sweet slow ride, at least for this mama, and I'm grateful.

The family tradition of one present at your seat when you wake up: Candy necklace "from Dre"

I guess Dre wants it back? It's actually a sweet moment, because he's not trying to take the necklace, he just always want her to be closer to him - though not touching. Very typical "them," this picture.

Sweet giftage from Mummzie and Dad! (Totally scored this thing for $16 at a consignment sale!)

A cake from Yum-Yum and Bumpa who stopped by. This year the grandparents kinda "teamed up" and got her ballet lessons and gear! She starts in July and we all can't wait! 


       So lately the girl has been moving a lot faster and talking non-stop. It's another one of those fun seasons, explaining how everything works and why. Heaven help Mummzie and Dad if they don't know the answer to a question though!
M: "I don't know why the man only bought waffles and gum, dear." e: "Well, why do you think he did? Do you have an idea?" 
M: "Maybe that's all he wanted." 
e: "But that's not enough food!" 
M: "Maybe he doesn't need more." 
e: "Does he have more food at home?" 
M: "Probably, I'm not sure." 
e: "But what do you think?" 
You get the picture... and why the treasured seasons pass slooowly...wink.

      For the girl, dressing up is an, at least, bi-weekly necessity - once for church, and once because she needs to turn into a magic flower/ snow princess/fairy godmother/ ballerina /mermaid baby etc. The funny thing about her imaginative games is... she almost never comes up with one of these ideas on her own. Usually she gets all dressed up, comes to find me, and asks "So what am I?" I give her a name, identity, and mission and she's off to create the rest. The day after her birthday she was dubbed "The Flower Queen" who made all the flowers open. M:"Eva, who actually makes the flowers open?" E: "God, but I help."

       Yes, Mommy and Eva (aka "the girls") are very close buddies. We usually have a good idea about what the other would like, and how to make each other laugh, and we certainly hang out quite a lot - mostly making things! 

       Of course E adores "her boys" too (yes, that's what she calls Daddy and Dre)! Lately the favorite game is "Tag" with Dre running around in his walker. Hilarious. Eva is a very good sissy for her brother daily feeding him, playing with him, and calling out all his needs (or maybe misdeeds) to any available parent.
Occasionally, she's a naughty big sissy though, but is typically quickly remorseful.  
d:(small wail)
e:"Moooooooommy, Dre fell."
M:"What happened?"
e:"He was up and now he's down."
M:"How did he get down?"
e:"He was pushed."
M:"By whom?"
e:"I think me."

"Daddy is a very good man, but I can't marry him because that's not what God likes." (As far as she's concerned, there's none better though. And as far as I'm concerned, she's got that right.) "He is good at taking us on trips, like to Sweet Frog." (The way to a young girl's heart = frozen yogurt.)

Love my big four-year-old!

Kiddo's Birthday Interview:  Eva 2012 – Four Years Old

What is your favorite color? Purple, Pink, Green
What is your favorite toy?  Squinkies
What is your favorite lunch, dessert, snack, cereal, drink? PB and Chocolate (Nutella), Goldfish, Apple juice.
What is your favorite outfit? A little girl dress for Sundays
What is your favorite game?  Hide and Seek
What is your favorite animal?  Dolphin
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Maggie, Baby Hope, Tiger and Green Blankie
What is your favorite song?  Twinkle Twinkle
What is your favorite book?  Madeline
What is your favorite TV show or movie? Madeline, Backyardigans, Cinderella, Milo and Otis
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Playing with my trucks
What is your favorite holiday? Valentines Day because I like to make cards.
What is your favorite day of the week? Saturday and Sunday because worshipping God on Sunday, and eating yogurt for breakfast on Saturday.
What is your favorite part of school? Looking at the weather. (Copying the forecast onto her school board. Grandpa would be proud)
What’s something you’re good at? Drawing a square.
What’s something you want to do when you grow bigger? Take good care of my things. (we are learning that taking responsibly "is what big kids do.")
What do you want to do for a job when you grow up? Be a singer on a stage. (like at church)
Do you want to get married? Yes, and I want to wear a white dress!
Do you want to have kids? How many? Three, one boy and two girls.
What are you most grateful for? For if some day I get married and I have some children.
What are you afraid of? Bears.
What makes you happy? Sharing
What is God like? He’s very powerful
Who is Jesus? I don’t know, He lives in Heaven (we'll work on that one.)
What’s something mommy/daddy always says to you? Mommy says: Say, ‘Yes, Mom.’ Daddy says 'Hey, Kiddo!'
What do you think is mommy's favorite thing to do? To play with me.
What does mommy do when you are not home? I don’t know because I’m not home.
What is daddy good at? Daddy is good at taking us on trips, like to Sweet Frog.
What does daddy do for his work? He preach and works his computer.
How are you and mommy/daddy the same? Different? Mommy and me both have freckles. Daddy and me like to shop. (for groceries) 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cuatro De Mayo!

Celebrating in the usual fashion, us four happy Campbells observed our Cuatro with the usual passing of the sombrero, Mexican food at each meal, and the grand rolling of the Rs. New this year: delish margaritas and our son. This was Dre's first year celebrating with us, so he got to wear the hat first.

But not for long.