Friday, April 25, 2008


That's what we have to do now... wait for Baby Girl to appear. Dena has had her wee one (yay Audrey!), so now it's "my turn." We will see if little Eva takes the hint.

Baby dropped last week, so I've been feeling more discomforts with her lower. She likes to push on Mommy. Her dropping means she's getting ready for birth tho, so I'm glad.

Went to the doctor today. A little progress has been made, which is nice, but she may still take her time. I keep telling myself "20 days. Just 20 days. She has to come in 20 days." That is when the doctor would order an induction. I'm praying for a natural arrival tho. (Come on, Little Girl!)

Been feeling low the last few days. Desiring to cross the finish line, but must trust that God has the best birthday planned for her. How does tomorrow sound, Lord?

Everything is ready for the B-day. The house is vacuumed, her room is ready, her bed is setup, her gear is assembled, half the apartment is packed, pediatrician is selected, bathrooms are neat, shower is clean, kitchen is clean, laundry is done, toenails are painted pink (by Husby), freezer is emptying (ready for meals), all projects are checked off.... I really have nothing left to do but give birth. I kinda wish I had saved something to do in the meantime. Guess I'll read... or take another 2 mile walk.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shawnda's Grace

Hey all, my friend Shawnda is much more grace-filled than I would be taking a personal "hit." Her brave, but humble response to this lady's strong criticism I'm sure brings much glory to God. Scroll down to "What God Intended (for The Excellent Wife)" at the Covax blog.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

She is she

So, I'm nine months pregnant and this is how I look...

and this is how I feel...
Baby is doing great, says Dr. Kim, but is a little smaller than average. Healthy small tho. (Way to go Little Girl! Keep Mommy from getting too uncomfortable!) Right now she's 5lbs. and 12 oz. If she grows at a rate of a half pound a week than that puts her between 7 and 8lbs. at birth. That's not too scary. :) Carol (Adam's mom) had all 9-pounders and my mom had several of those too. Sounds like it's time for a new poll! How much will Baby Campbell weight?

She is still a she according to the sonogram this morning. No pictures, sorry. We got to see her some, but not very clearly. She's kinda crammed in there. Her heart was the most fascinating thing; you could see all 4 chambers. When we got a look at her little face it was all strange and funny, not like a baby. (I thought she looked like she was wearing an army helmet.) It was kinda disappointing, but Adam reassured me, "She's beautiful and she will be beautiful when we get to really see her in a few weeks. And if she isn't, then I take full responsibility for the affects of my side of the gene pool. By the way, I thought I warned you..."

That man is awesome.

Thank you!

Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who so totally blessed us at Baby Girl's shower! We were overwhelmed by your care and encouragement. God's love for us was so felt through the material blessings and relational blessings! We don't deserve to have such wonderful friends and family. What a gift you are to us! As you can see... our little one is well supplied! (and will be well dressed!) Thank you again to all who were able to make it and to those who sent their love and gifts with others. You all are answers to prayers. God bless you for your generosity towards us!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

4 Weeks To Go!

Well, Baby Girl is due to hatch in a month. I hope she decides to come on time.... no, I pray she comes on time. We'll take early too. :) We'll see what God has in mind...

Gator Baby "hatching" for National Geographic

Sonagram tomorrow... maybe photos!

Saturday, April 5, 2008