Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eva Quotes: Just Daddy

Some new or forgotten quotes from Sept/Oct:
e: "You don't really play with me much, so how about you play with me today?"
M: "What? We played with acorns yesterday, and jumped in the leaves, and we gardened... remember?"
e: "Well, yes...I remember those ...but I don't actually like it when we play together. I like to play with Daddy. Just Daddy actually."
M:"Our Daddy is the strongest daddy in the WORLD!"
e (with nose scrunch and condescension) : "Um, there's God."
Talking about praying for someone for the 3rd time...
e: "We already prayed for him though, Mama."
M: "Yes, but he still wants us to pray for him because he still needs God's help."
e: "It seems like God is saying, 'In just a minute, just a minute.' "
M:"There, Dre is down, let's you and me get to our chores."
e:"Ah yes, and let's make some chai (tea)."

That's my girl.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Goodbye Summer" State Fair Trip

On the last hot day of the season last month, we Campbells headed out to the VA state fair for some fried food, furry animals, freak shows, and FUN!

"May I pick one of these?" at. every. box.

Can you tell how tired we're gettin'??

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Harvest Festival at Belvedere!

This year, instead of making one trip to the pumpkin patch in Ashland, we decided to get season passes to the harvest fest at Belvedere Plantation! It's not real cheap (we happened to negotiate a deal), but it's amazing. Of course there's so much to do on the weekends (painting, flower-picking, free sno cones and cidar, and pumpkin canon), but with our passes, you can go any day of the week to play on all the other stuff too - we're loving it.

Yes, she is wearing the sam outfit from the last post... but ain't it just so cute??


Mummzie was an ACE at the corn slinger - got to play 4 games for free because I just kept 'a winnin' folks!

Hay ridin' with the stroller crowd!

The following four pictures were taken by Eva (unbeknown to Mummzie until the last one)

A natural.

His precious.

Our hero!



Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Picking!