Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why we love her...

Look at that face! It's no wonder she stops grocery store traffic... what a keeper!

I think this is a Laina smile. See you soon, lil cuz!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Workin' those legs

(i know, it's hard to read the words in the video, quality is low, sorry. that's all the computer seems to be able to do right now.)


I'm fearing an early crawler...Her great-Grandmama got the idea into E's head. But I'm just not ready to baby-proof the condo and vacuum more than once in a while yet! 

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Adam let me use his computer, it's his day off, and I'm not playing catch-up on this weeks chores, so I've got the time to load these... and because Mimi (my momma) needs more of her girls... 

October 5th

November 2nd

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday, Eva!

Go ahead, skip to the pictures....

6 Month Percentiles (for all the mommies out there): 17lbs. 2oz. (75%), 25.5in. long (50%)
Another month flies by! It's amazing to me to think that our little Evangeline has been around for half a year now! God is so kind to entrust Adam and I with this precious gift for so many joy-filled months. Time has flown! Sorry that I can't post more pictures. The computer can only hold so much data at one time. (but a new one is on the way soon! praises!)
The past 4 weeks have been fun-filled ones for sure! Eva is an ever-changing, ever-learning little pip-squeak. And so joyful too! Whenever Mommy and E have an outing, she's flirting with everyone. People can't believe how friendly she is. One lady in the post office came up to me and said, "Please, please can I just talk to her a minute? My day could really use some cheering-up." And two weeks ago we were in the grocery store (her favorite place to make new friends) checking out and Eva babbled and squealed at the elderly gentleman behind us. When we were done, he told Eva, "I'm very glad we met, happy young lady. This was a nice talk." Another gentleman, after being offered a very gummy grin from my girl, opened his wife's book bag he was holding and asked to borrow her.
I'm amazed at how aware of people and things she is and how much she figures out. At her young age she's already learning to look for a lost object, sit on her own (tho we still have our tumbles!), roll over and over again, and is even trying to scoot! It's ridiculously funny. She tries with her legs but not her arms, so what ends up happening is she scoots (for only a second) on her chin or forehead - tripod style! I'm afraid she's going to need some help or some more practice to figure this one out. Plus, I can't have her rubbing off all her newly grown-in copper hair!!
Another silly thing about my girl is that she almost always has to have her hands out to the sides as if to say, "Tada! I'm Eva! I'm here!" Cracks. me. up. People are always commenting on her "Whatever." hands. She's good at mimicking too. If you'd like to hear her screech, most days all you need to do is offer her one of your own and she'll respond. (This also goes for bubble-blowing, and Yum!) I think she gets her talkative nature from her dad...
We've had a lot of fun times and seen some people we love and done exciting stuff in the past (nearly) two months and, yes, I've been taking pictures. I promise a series of postings of what we've been up to as soon as the new computer is up and running, but until then, this is it for now.
In her new tu-tu from Great-Grandma Hawkins
I think she looks like her Uncle Evan and my Momma when they were little in this one below.
Sitting-up like a big girl at the family dinner table. (Good-night Moon on the menu)