Thursday, August 15, 2013

Postcards from July

Some of our summer fun from last month...
Happy Birthday, America!

Starting school!

Chickfila Cow Day


Vacationing in Massanutten with family

Dre is 2!
(don't let his face fool you, he was thrilled with Yum-Yum's much so, that he pitched a mini birthday fit when it was gone.)

Partying with cousins in Massanutten
Somebody needed to show that stubborn pinata who was boss. (My fav part is that he put down his party horn so he could better club the pinata.)
Fist train set!

Learning to dress himself... almost.

Field trip to the Sheriff's Office

Blueberry picking

Blueberry dumping.

Hope you're summer is ending sweetly!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Birthday Boy Pictures!

It feels like this little man has been two for a while now with how physically capable and intelligently verbal he is. The boy brings so much energy and a big heart for togetherness to our family, we can't imagine life without our Dre-boo! Smooches to my big toddler!

Aw, Ma, c'mon, be cool.

Just kiddin'! Smooches back!

Howdy people! It's Dre again here, with another awesome update. Guess what? I'm two now! Can you believe it?

I've learned a lot this year, being the smart guy that I am, and I'm fearlessly trying more new stuff every day! Ma actually would like me to slow down some, she says I'm going use up all the band-aids in the state of Virginia at the rate I'm going, but y'all know I can't slow down! Too much exciting world out there to take on!

My favorite things these days are running, jumping, and climbing - I'm unstoppable! At my two year old check-up the doctor said I was tall and strong for my age, as well as advanced in language and physical ability - no surprises there! Mama thinks I'll be a track and field lover since I like to run everywhere, and Daddy thinks I'd make a good receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. We'll see!

My favorite foods are Mama's banana bread ("cake-cake"), smoothies, and broccoli, but I HATE peanut butter - it's nasty, y'all! If I think that there might be a bit of that awful stuff in something, I won't touch it - even cookies and ice cream! "Bee-nah-budder" is yuck.

The older I get, the more I love people. If I had it my way, I'd never be farther than 10 feet from my family all the time (unless I'm outside running like crazy of course!). One of my favorite things to do each night before bed is ask "Where See-See? (my sister) Where Dah-eee? (Dad) Where Mama? Where Ah-yin? (Uncle Alan) Where Branpa? (Grampa H.) Where Num-Num? (Yum-Yum Campbell)" Mama calls me her "little sheep dog" for good reason, I like to know where my people are.

Sissy and I are together as much as she'll let me, dunno why she likes this thing she calls "quiet" more than me sometimes. Girls.We are really good at exploring, having adventures at the grocery store, racing, yelling, being 'parents' to all her whiny children (she has 9 of 'em. Cra-zee.), and wrestling. She's pretty cool.

Besties, chillin'.

We're also super good at smiling for Ma's camera, calls us "Ham and Cheese!" Look at this one... we know how to bring the magic.

When Mama does "school" with me and Eva, I'm loving learning my colors and all about different kinds of animals. The other day I almost stepped on an itty bitty snake in our backyard, and Ma kinda flipped out, so ever since, I've been yelling, "NAKE!" whenever I see one (even if it's just a worm or caterpillar.) Gotta protect my Mama.

Yeah, the other girl in my life that I take care of is Ma, and boy does she need me! Who else but me is gonna pic all the flowers off the bushes, establish her kitchen floor rock collection, report to her all the bicycles we pass by, retrieve that lonely penny she might want in the middle of busy parking lot, make her laugh hourly and remind her of how often she needs grace from heaven? Honestly, I don't know how she got along without me before!

Pickin' her a frow-er. Gotta take care of the women in your life, folks.

The main dude in my life is of course my old man, Dad. He's not bad, in fact he's pretty awesome. He really appreciates that I can bring the heavy on the wrestling mat, and I try to make sure I throw him his daily punch in the stomach - gotta reputation to keep, don't ya know? 

My strong arm looks super scrawny here, but don't worry, it's still packin' the punch!

Yep, people are still my favorite "things" to play with, toys don't really matter (though I like cars a lot), I want someBODY to play with! Wouldn't you? Daddy is my favorite, also Sissy, but she steals my stuff. (Don't worry, I steal it back and then some.) I also like rocks, sticks, and my sword.

 So, as y'all can see, I'm still just as awesome as ever, and have got my hands full taking care of my family. Yup, life's good.