Saturday, October 31, 2009


it's Eva heer y'all. tooday wuz my furst tricky-treet.

i wannid go as a Panthers cheergirl...i wore dis to church...

... but mummzie wannid me be a puppy so i wuz. but i dinnot let her put dos ears on me. nope.

me scored.

den daddy gived me dees 2 yummy tings rite befor bed.

dey taysted like yum...

... but dey made me crazy-go-nuts and i drinked my glostik.

so now mummzie put me in bed and i can see me belly glo-ing.
it's whoa.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Girl Lately

Lately we have been a bit busy. (I promise that befores and afters are coming!) Lately we haven't had internet. Lately I've been wanting to let y'all know what Eva's been up to lately... but I couldn't... until now!

In the last month or so she's hit another growth spurt and begun talking in small sentences.
For example:

"Mommy, Mommy! Cro-low!" (color)

Mommy: "Eva, please no drawings on the front steps."
Eva (shaking head): "No, crolow, no-no."

Something else that is new in the last month: Room Time
Twice a day, for 20min, Eva is learning to play on her own. She's not thrilled with the idea most days, but on this particular day she was doing great feeding Hello Kitty her "mik." (milk)

"Whoa! Wee!" (wind)


I'm seeing a lot of Eva's buddy Alathea in my girly these days. (Don't know "Ya-ya"? she's the older one in that beautiful post from Jeanie's blog)

Poor girly fell and got her first knee scrape.
(it's not like I've been over-protective, she's just that careful!)

"Mommy, oh my." (talking about her owie)

Back to exploring ... but still staying within a few yards of Mommy, as always.

A couple weeks back we took a family outing to the pumpkin farm! Yay! (I absolutely adore pumpkin farms/patches and everything fall!!)

The pumpkins were as big as Eva!

I call this one, "Among the Mums."

Cornfield funny.

Speaking of funny, lately, Eva has been learning about humor. Our favorite thing is when she sees something she knows is supposed to be funny (like this scarecrow couple) and 'just dies' with fake laughter. It's this ridiculous deep "hardy-har."

Can't wait to go again next year when we can do all the rides and games!