Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eva Quote of the Week: Being Lady-like

At the grocery store, on the baking aisle, with all the sweet old ladies, Eva was letting her tummy hang out as she slouched in the cart.
 Mummzie: "Eva, can you sit-up, please? Please be lady-like."
Eva: "I can't be lady-like, I'm girl-like.
M: "Okay, you be girl-like please and cover you belly."
E: "When I get big I will be lady-like like Mommy."
M: "I hope so."
E: "And I will reach high things, have big clothes, and wear a bra."

oh dear.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Saying goodbye to Fall (a late post)

Princess Pumpkin

Princess Sillypants

Sad to see you go, autumn, but we do happily now welcome Christmastime.

Thanksmas 2010

Yum-Yum, Bumpa, and all the grandkiddos.

The latest edition! Handsome Colin (and his folks Abram and Laura)

It seemed like everyone got a nerf gun this year, and the battle began.

In a case of friendly-fire Adam got his eye shot a moment later. It swelled shut for a few hours, but thankfully he was all better in time to preach the next day.

We love Yum-Yum.

This year's celebration included: 5 breakfast porks, 4 girlies cousins, 3 cousin boys, 2 nerf battles, and "I told you you'd shoot your eye out."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eva Quote of the Week - Cries

Mummzie: "Come on, girly, let's go."
Eva: (whine) "But, but, I got dees cries in my eyes!"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eva Quote of the Week: "Free-ends"

After Daddy kissed his girls good-bye and went down for work, Eva sat in Mummzie's lap and sighed,
"Just Eba and Mommy now."

Later, in the middle of giving a big snuggly hug to Mummzie, "You are my free-end? We are two free-ends, Mommy and Eba." (Whispered) "Gooood free-ends. And Daddy will be our free-end too."
(Have I mentioned that Eva has a southern accent?)

Yes, you are my friend, Baby Girl, my gooood free-end.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Leebs" and "Esploring"

It seems like we have really savored this Autumn. In fact I know we have! It's been so beautiful and pleasant, and I was so over summer that any change was welcome. Cider, spices, pumpkins, color, coolness, coziness - I wish fall lasted 6 months of the year! And now Christmas is coming in just weeks. Goodness! Well, we're going to soak in these last sweet fall days as much as we can. I think Eva likes fall best too...


likin' the lichen


If you were to hike the woods behind our house, in less than a quarter mile you'd find that the woods suddenly end at a place we call "the clearing." We figure it's been maybe two years since the logging crew cleaned this area of the woods away. It's kinda eerie there among the tree carnage, but this summer many young shoots have covered the "forrest graveyard" with new life.


"Stuffing their pockets with multi-colored treasure, Mummzie and Chicken Nugget ran home to get autumnally crafty."

Mummzie's technicolor puffin! (for her Mummzie with love)

It was hard for the younger artist to focus when the older artist was giggling with glee at her own creations.

This singing octopus was Eva's triumph.

We opted not to mail any of our fabulous creations because of how fragile many of the leaves were. So hopefully you all can enjoy them here in a pretty and preserved state.

And now we "leaf" you with a little rump... because it's just so cute.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Lil' Cap'n Campbell

Sarahbug Price

Trying to get them both to smile together ...

...that's it! sorta.

Setting sail on their quest for bite-sized sugar!
(Sarahbug's face here is my favorite.)

They returned with much "booty."

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eva Quote of the Week

Singing to her new favorite toy: "Jesus loves him, dis I know, for da bible tell me so. Little punkins to Him belong, they are weak ba He is strong."

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ashland Berry Farm Fun

The Challenge

Homemade happiness 

Hayride with distracting background element.

We weren't alone.

To the fields!

The beginnings of our harvest.

The final picks. We got all of these for the $20! My husband is THE man! And in case you can't see just how many there are here... it's 13.

Happy Fall Y'all!