Saturday, June 30, 2012

'Sup with Dre: Nearing a year! 11mos +

Yeeeah, my "What's Up-date" isn't getting put up anytime near my actual eleven month birthday this time, but Ma says she's got some great excuse about someone named Auntie and a wedding shower she needed or something. So thanks to someone with what sounds like poor hygiene y'all, are getting this rather late. My southern gentlemen's apologies, I haven't learned how to type yet 'else I'da put it up m'self. Anyway, I promise not to disappoint - this months been a big one!

Firstly, in the last 6 weeks, I've really decided I know what I like and what I don't and I've decided it's high time a boy expressed himself. And so I do. For example, laying down is for babies, I don't like laying down. This preference isn't always easy to get across to some people tho. (here's lookin' at you Ma with your camera in my face)

11 month stats:
28lbs (Fun fact: At the beginning of this month Dre and Eva were only 6lbs apart! That's nuts.)

Yeah, I know what foods I want to eat and which ones I want to toss on the floor, spit out, or give back to Ma. I know when I'd like to get up, no more of this "wait patiently and play nicely in bed until Dad comes to get ya" stuff. I know how to ask nicely for stuff, but I'd rather yell - it's more manly and I'm sure to get some attention. Ma and Dad prefer I call their names when I need something, and they don't move me until I ask nicely. Ugh, they so don't "get" the new me.

Other things about the new me: I'm trying this army crawling thing, it's working for me. I often wave, kiss, give a "five" and clap - hands are cool. I cruise along the furniture and switch from sofa to table to floor without much effort. I can scoot on my bum and get from sitting to crawling. I can walk pushing along a chair and, just for fun sometimes, I've stood all by myself just to freak Ma out a bit. Haha, she's so silly diving for her camera. Oh, and I say lots of new words like, "Done" "Alan" "Fifi" (for my babysitter Faith) "Mmmmore"  and "No." I shake my head when I don't like something or when I think you don't want me to do something (quit telling me what to do!). And a couple of my favorite games to play are "Catch the Ball" and "Copycat." I also love seeing if I can fit small toys into big toys. Ma says I'm gonna be a problem solver.


... two...

...three! Look at me! I totally just switched over here without wiping out. I'm awesome.

I got great balance (y'all knew I was awesome already) and I love me some jumpin!

Started a rock band with Sissy. What should we call ourselves - Captain Commotion and the Bedlam Babe? Or maybe the "Rackets?" We're open to suggestions.

I love being with Sissy, she likes to play such cool games. Now that I can crawl, I get to be close to her all the time! It's the best!

Even if I have like a big pile of cool stuff, her stuff is always cooler, and she love to share it with me!

I like to help her to follow one of our family rules: "When everyone's awake, let's play together." She just loves my company.

Have you ever noticed that everything is funnier if you put it on your head? Yeah, I know, outrageously funny, right?? I do this little joke for Sissy - get's 'er every time. "Look at Dre! Haha, no-no, not on your head!" Yes, folks. On my head. Cah-razy.

Don't get a boy wrong tho, I'm not all fun times and giggles, I can be a hard worker too. Just ask Ma, we do laundry together. She fills a basket, I empty it. We're a team.

The helmet is workin' out, Ma and Dad say it's roundin' out the bumps. I only wear it when I'm sleeping or riding for long trips in the car. Soon I'll likely out-grow it (in the next month or so) and I'll be done with it. I hope the stink wears off... Arm 'n Hammer are making some money on us these days. 

Pretty soon I'll be one year old, guys! I'm pretty stoked. I think I'll throw a surprise party for myself... I just can't wait to see the look on my face!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eva Quote: When you were born...

e (dreamily):"Mommy, I remember when you were born."
M: "Really. Are you sure?"
e: "Oh yes, I was there."
M:"But how could you have been there??"
e (more dreamily): "You had like no hair and you liked to sit and look out the window."
M:"I'm pretty sure you weren't there, dear."
e (hurt and mildly shocked): "But I was!"

Friday, June 15, 2012

Adoption Update: The End of the Process, Final Order!

Lookie what came in the mail a few weeks back!

Like it says, it's our final order of adoption that states that Dre is officially a Campbell now as of...

Favorite tear-jerking line: "This order states that all requirements of the law have been met, and that the minor child known as DeAndre, born on the 17th day of July, 2011 in Virginia, is henceforth, to all intents and purposes, the child of Petitioners Adam C. Campbell and his wife Emily A. Campbell, and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges, and subject to all the obligations, of a child of said Petitioners born in lawful wedlock, and that the name of the child shall be DeAndre Braddock Campbell." 

I love how the Order calls Adam and I "Petitioners" just like we've called ourselves as we've prayed for God to grow our family through adoption these past two years. How happy and settling these last 10 months with Dre have been! And how sweet this final step feels. 

It's truly awe-inspiring how God has designed our hearts with the capacity to love a child that is not of our own bodies, with the same fierce passion that we feel for the child that is "from us." When I look at Dre I don't see adoption, I see the son that God gave me a heart for many years ago as a little girl. (that story to come...)  Our hearts were made for Dre, and his for us. (Happy tears.) 

"For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him."
1 Samuel 1:27 ESV

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eva Quote: Make-Up

Eva woke me early in the morning with crying while we were staying at a friends house. Groggily I wiped her face and asked what was wrong. She suddenly stopped crying as she looked at me concerned, 
"Uhm, Mommy, did you bring your make-up?"
Me:"Do Mommy's eyes look bad? Yeah, I brought it."
e:(nodding with relief) "Good."