Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drawing and Design Class

I'm teaching some of the PC kids drawing and design this spring and we've had so much fun. Due to my awesome teacherness, they're loving it. (Right, kids?)

Dani is trying not to laugh.
I told them to look like they are busily applying their learning, she's giving them away!

I like Mingu's pen-stasche
Practicing our charcole hatching...
Form communication anyone?
Christian (in the hat) and Minyu trying to look busy... or not.
And here's some of their work...
Mariah Slack: Lesson 3 Form (3D lookin', ain't they?)
Nguyener Nguyener Pumpkin Dinner... i think her real name is Hannah: Lesson 4 Space
Minyu Kang: Lesson 2 Shape
Chuck Taylors are always cool, especially when Jordan Slack sketches them...

Sorry I don't have room for everyone, but I'm so proud of all my artists!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lovely Annapolis

My Honey took me away for the day a few weeks back to Annapolis, Maryland. It was very nice there and fun to see the old buildings and Capital and we got some nice pictures, but Adam and I decided that it might be a bit "higher class" then we rednecks can appreciate. So, we made fun of the prices and the "hoity-toities" and enjoyed the ice cream and lamb chops!

We were given these bracelets at the welcome center. I made Adam wear his. It was only at the end of the trip that he finally found out he didn't have to have it on to get discounts.

Our cute heads.

My hunk.

He makes me laugh.

Loitering outside the church. (cool trees)
Sippin' java

Deciding on where to go to dinner.

A view down Main Street
The Capital

Where to find the best lamb chops in the world. (i don't actually know if that's true, but i did almost pass out with taste happiness over them! wow, they were good!)

I love you, Adam Cana.

My Adorable, Beautiful, Violent Child

This is Baby Eva. Baby Eva gets mad sometimes. Sometimes when Baby Eva gets mad, she can be quite naughty. Some days are worse than others, Tuesday was one of those days...

It started like any other day...
Upon waking, Baby Eva called for her Mummzie to come fetch her from bed, Mummzie did not come fast enough. Baby Eva got mad. Baby Eva smashed her BabeDoll's head against the crib.

Later, one of Baby Eva's toys mistreated her. Baby Eva got mad. Baby Eva mistreated the toy ... right across the room.

At noon, Baby Eva and her Mummzie went to play with friends. Buddy Noah loves Baby Eva very much. He ran in circles around the room because he loved her so. One of those circles ran him over Baby Eva's hand. Baby Eva got mad. Baby Eva charged Buddy Noah. Twice. Mummzie was very shocked at Baby Eva's behaviour! Who had taught her to headbutt??

At snacking time Baby Eva was displeased with Mummzie's offerings. Baby Eva decided she wanted her "kibble" gone and dispatched each bit to the floor. Mummzie told Baby Eva that this was a no-no. Baby Eva got mad. Baby Eva did not want her cereal. She dispatched them again from her tray to the floor. Mummzie reminded Baby Eva that this was a no-no and took the kibble away. "Baby Eva, would you like some toast instead?" Baby Eva was still mad. She looked her Mummzie in the eye and picked up a piece of imaginary kibble and, with added fury, flung it from her tray. Baby Eva was being very naughty indeed.

In desperation, Mummzie called her Mummzie. "Where has my sweet baby gone to?" she cried. "Welcome to Toddlerdom," her Mummzie laughed. "Don't worry, dear, there's grace there too."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hawkcraziness: Mom and Buddy Uncles Visit

My mama and my two youngest bros came for a visit a couple weeks back. It's been a while since they've seen Eva, so it was such fun to show her off. And of course we got some cute pictures!

We packed into our little 1-bedroom and there was stuff everywhere! Crazy fun!
Uncle Patch is quiet affectionate. Lovies!
(Due to coming down with a cold, Eva was rather shy that weekend and is pictured here in a rare good mood for being loved on.)
oh the silliness.

More silliness as we prepare to depart to D.C.
(In case you didn't notice... that's Uncle Crazy Tay's dynamic strolling pose. Superb.)
The Little "Princess" in her rolling "Throne"
Which way to the Metro? These guys crack me up!

Chillin' at the station
Of course we knew exactly where we were going...

...and just how to get there.

Ok, so we may have had help. Thanks Clarence!
Metro Madness
(The Princess was loving every minute)

The Smithy Castle (where we took those pics above)
At the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (wicked sweet place BTW, for those of you who haven't gone) we saw my sister's favorite animal in LIFE SIZE! Whale!

(click this one to get a better feel for the fierceness)

The Princess did very well, but by the time picture time was thru, she was quiet done with the day and very much wanted to return to her castle back in G-burg.
We had so much fun! Miss and love you all!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snow Again

A couple weeks back, we got a good dumping of fluffy snow.

So pretty.

"Mummzie, what is all this?"

My Angel

I put her down and walked off to take a couple other pictures. When I came back...

...Baby Eva was all done with snow...all done.
She looks so sad and frozen. Maybe Grandmama shouldn't read this post... (I promise I only walk about 15 feet away from her for about 5 minutes!)

Back inside warm and snug and happy!