Tuesday, October 22, 2013

E and e in DC

In August, Mummzie and Eva took a special trip on the "train" to D.C. together.

Eva had never ridden on the Metro before, so she was quite thrilled and a little nervous.

A food truck lunch on the Mall was the perfect treat.

To the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!

The "bestest" part was the live butterfly room!

And meeting Henry the Elephant

Oh, and finding a new friend... meet Finley. (so spoiled)

Finley liked riding the "train" too. (look, ma! no hands!)

Such a great day!

Postcards from August

August was full of family time and fun events, such a great way to end the summer! Here are some of the highlights...

Campfire supper menu:
Hot dogs
Summer watermelon
and garlic bread on a stick!

Exploring in the shade

Date night hiking

 The kids moved upstairs into their own "big kid" rooms after rooming together for almost two years. They didn't miss each other. : )
 Celebrating National Waffle Day... because we're patriots.
Making some noise for Dre's "Gotcha Day"

Getting away to Harper's Ferry, WV

Learning some sewing

 and catching the last lightening bugs of the summer.

Little Boy, Big Glasses

The big news of August was Dre getting glasses! We found out that the poor kid has very very poor vision in one eye, so along with a strong prescription, we're "patching" his good eye an hour a day to help train the weak eye to be stronger. Little Buddy didn't know what to think of his new specs at first, but then he realized how much better he could see, and now he loves them!