Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday Dress

The weather sure is getting nicer and I'm glad. I'll be more motivated to keep up my walking! Gotta stay in shape for the big labor coming up in 6 weeks. Whew. (My bum-bum is much more toned than it's ever been lugging around the extra me and her! Was that an over-share? Just tellin' it like it is, ya'll.) And I'm trying to eat healthy... been pretty successful at that, I think, minus the half pound of Oreos each week. (No, not an exaggeration.) I just like milk a lot. : ) Thankfully, that sugary trend has only been going on this month. We'll see what Baby girl decides she loves next month. Hopefully salad.

Well, I'm 34 weeks and just went to the doctor yesterday. She said that Baby Girl is doing well and I'm lookin' good. Thanks, Dr. Kim. Anyhow, Baby's shower is this weekend (r u comin'?).... her stuff is piling up in apartment 611.... it's gettin' close to "time." My doc said that if Baby decides to come early, then that is fine. She won't stop her. That's good to know, I guess. Also, I get another sonogram because Little girl could be on the small side and they want to check her out. So do I! She's so squished in there now tho, that I'm guessing we won't be able to see much. But maybe there will be more pictures, yippy!
This is a diaper wreath Aunt Sue made to welcome Baby Girl. Wow. Isn't it funny? I love it. Thank you, Sue! You're so creative! She also crocheted the baby a pink and green blankie.

The new Alpha class begins tonight, so me and Baby need to go get presentable. Pray for the Gospel to touch hearts!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sourdough Perils

Good Morning, all! 
I awoke this morning nice and late (I'm growing a baby, y'all. Sleep is beautiful.), and upon entering my galley-narrow kitchen discovered this! 

What is it? It's a disaster, that's what it is. I need some sourdough bread making help, ladies. As you can see, my starter has exploded. This is the second starter I have ruined. The last one got nice and foamy only an hour after mixing, which as all good SD bread makers know, is too soon... it's supposed to sit for 48 hours at least before it's "ripe." I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Are there any merry bread makers out there who can help? 

In the meantime, I'll need to go to the store and get a happy thick artisan SD loaf to go with our pot roast tonight. Mmm.. pot roast.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Help Wanted

This week has crept by s-l-o-w-l-y
Manly-Man was out of town with his bros playing golf until Wednesday eve. Does time pass slower when your heart is a good 200 miles away in another state? I'm a hopeless romantic, I know it. And you wish you were too, admit it.

Jane and I were talking about Pastors College and how to make a "cave" a home. She told me to buy a candle that made me feel happy when I smelled it's yumminess. And so I did... and it is so yummy. Don't you wish blogs could be scratch-n-sniff? 

You all can be praying for us for the PC that fund raising will go well, that we'll find places to store our stuff, that God will be preparing our hearts and minds, and ... for my sake : ) that we will have a cozy place to live. 

Truth: God has our place to live already planned and it is a good place because He is planning it. But ya know how everyone has their own idea of what homey is? Well, I guess I'm hoping for something that feels like that. It's hard to imagine someone's basement or spare bedroom having that feel though. 

Yes, I know "home is where your family is." and "home is what you make it to be." And that's true, life in Campbelldom is good because we have the favor of God and each other's good company. I'm just talking about some practicals that, to be honest, I struggle with. What would you all suggest? How do you make the space you have into a welcoming, comfortable, and peaceful place that your husband and children love to live in and guests love to come to? The Lord knows I want to glorify Him with my attitude no matter what I find when we put those boxes down in MA. Pray for me to be  joyfully excited for His plan and mission that we're on together as a family. I am excited for the mission, for what God's bigger plan is through this season and through our lives, just maybe not as siked so much for the process. I'm not fretful about it, just not as jazzed as I'd like to be. :) Like he is:
One other thing: Does anyone want to babysit my fish or birds or plants for 10 months? Sigh, I'm going to miss them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hooray for mini vacations! My darling and I were able to get away for a 2-nighter on Lake Norman this past weekend. Our last "just-the-2-of us" trip before Baby Girl arrives. We celebrated our year and a half anniversary Monday. God has been good!
Here's where we stayed:
Sista Leah (whoot-whoot) let us stay at her dad's condo. It was fancy-dancy. We likey.

We picnicked at Jetton Park (where my boy popped the question 2 years ago), and Adam enjoyed his dog-nasty lunch. He assured me it was all edible...but ugh, look at that thing, people!

Jesus and Java
Breakfast was strudelicious...
and the view was beautiful.
I love you, Handsome! You make me one happy bride.