Friday, January 11, 2008

Winter Blooms

My Winter Flowers. Aren't they happy?

African Violets

Mums Adam bought me. (because he loves me.)

Pansies Adam also bought me.

My Hubby flowers me well. :)

17 weeks to go!

The much anticipated (or demanded) belly shot.
There she is...
I'm hitting that 6month marker now. According to my baby book, it is likely that I'm getting bored with my pregnancy by now and that is perfectly normal.

I love being told by a book that I'm normal. That way if someone ever says, "Hey, you're weird." I can take chapter 8 and hold it up to their face..."Who's got proof that they're normal now? Huh, huh?!" Then they would feel bad and wish they had a book.

Anyways... Baby Girl is much more active now than ever before. She's learned such tricks as poke, jab, roll-over, and unfortunately for my organs... stomp. It's fun. She's doing her tricks now as I type....

She's slightly over a pound and nearly eight inches long. (about the size of a toy She's gettin' plumper too, and so am I! My legs are tired more these days, naturally, and my belly is getting the ichies. Poor stretching skin... time for more lotion! So far... no stretch marks... but I'll keep you posted. (They're due any day now. eep!)

God is kind, I'm doing really well. The only real complaint I can state is a loss of depth perception mentally, not visually. Everything is off by about a half inch. So, I go to put my fork in my mouth... doy-ing! Ow! Poked my tooth again. Or I'll reach for something and miss. That is fun to watch. I always get it on the second try tho. It is caused by my brain being on drugs. (Heehee.) They're pregnancy chemicals that my body makes. They're a good thing. Mostly.