Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eva Quote: A Hymn

e: "What is dis song, Mommy?"
M: "Uh, I think it's a hymn, but with no words this time."
e: "Hmm, no, I think it's a her."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eva Quote: Done Having Kids

M: "Someday we might have more kiddos, I think Daddy would like one more, but Mommy thinks we're done having kiddos... we'll see."
e: "You mean done with me and Dre? Like put us in the trash?"
M:"Oh goodness, no."
e: (relieved nervous fake laugh) "Right, cuz that would be silly!"
Note to self: 3yr olds are very literal.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Sup with Dre: Happy Half-birthday!

Happy 6 months, Dre!

Hey, what's goin' on, it's me, Dre. Y'all can probably see from my shot there that I have not continued my rapid pounds gainin'. A man does what he can, but it's been a rough month - them holidays will getcha, am I right? Got this nasty hack-n-wheeze thing for near 3 weeks, which kept me from my normal bottle downin'. I hope I don't disappoint my training scouts. (for peewee football, remember?) But enough whining...

Height: 27.5 in
Weight: 20lbs

Ma cut my hair again. She says it was an accident, something about purple clip versus lavendar clip on the trimmers, who knows with her. So now, this guy's gotta wear his ski hat nearly all the time - even when I'm sleepin' to keep from freezin'! Oh, I guess I did say enough with the whinin'... sorry peeps. Anyway,

I'm a sitter, it's official. I hardly ever take a dive; that is unless Daddy walks by and I get excited- I just get so psyched-up by that guy! He's awesome! We like to eat, we like to yell, we like to wrestle - he really gets me. I mostly ignore people calling my name, but if Daddy does, I turn and yell back.

Yeah, my babble vocabulary is gettin' pretty extensive. Ma and Pa have this bet goin' on who's name I'll say first on command - I've been saying both Mama and Dada for a couple weeks when nobody is with me, but I'm probably gonna surprise 'em soon and start callin' 'em. I like to growl too. That's my newest thing, pretty cool. It makes sissy laugh, so I do it a lot for her.

She's still my favorite and we play together a lot. She tries to make me laugh, I try to copy her some.

Me and Swaddle are still besties too, it's the only thing that works when I'm tired, but Ma says he's gotta go soon. We'll see...

Yeah, so, life's good. Catch y'all later....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gingerbread Bash

Remember this magic? Yeah, well, Eva loved it. She asked if we could keep it forever. It was quite distressing for her to find out then that if we kept it all year that it might rot and ants might eat it, so we came up with a solution to ease it's transision to the trash.

Thus the start of a new tradtion was born: The Gingerbread Bash

After a few last nibbles, the first batter was up.

The second batter did more damage. Look at the candy fly!

Having another wack at it.

The third batter brought the fire though. ('course you'd expect no less.)

Dealing the final blow.


Until next year...

Christmas for Campbells

Christmas Eve Feastings: Savory Cornish Hens, Roasted Parmesan Cauliflower, Buttermilk Biscuits, The Gravy, followed by Cookies and Cream Pie. (I was so proud of myself.)

A family tradition, Stockings on the Eve.

Squinky Score.

Then the magical morning came!

Then it was clean up and pack up to make the long treck down to Summerville, SC to see my folks new place and have Christmas with the Fam. Time to fire-up another tradition : The Burning of the Yule Log.
 Warm ye little fangers all that gather heeere.

Drive-thru light show!

Oh these two...

You'll begin to see a theme now: food, followed by more food, followed by funny faces, repeat. Here, Mama's desserts. Git in me, deliciousness!

Big Christmas Eve Feast

Christmas is here! (Uhm, and so are a whole lotta presents it looks like. Sheesh.)

Breakfast is served...

Back to The Log for a warm up before presents.

This one's awkwardness makes me laugh so hard.

Time for the Fam Shot! Take 1:

Take 2: Eva was ready.

Take 3: Dad was ready.

Take 4: Awww.
So grateful.

Hope your Christmas was a happy one from Campbellstown