Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Rest for the Cheery

Family Den (basement level)


Guestroom (basement level)


The Trash Pile (when it was a lot smaller)

Yep, we've been happily workin' very hard on our house these past few weeks. What a job, but what a transformation! Can't wait to show y'all the befores and afters! It's thrilling to watch it come together and to dig in and get messy investing in our home. We've worked non-stop and it's finally showing. The carpet went in Friday and that was the "finishing freshening" that the place so sorely needed. We moved in our stuff today (Sunday), will work some more and unpack this week, then move our bodies in next weekend. Nice to take it easier with the move. Not as chaotic as a typical one. (I would know, it's our 5th in 3 years!) Thank you Delages and Derrick darlings for letting us bum another week! Thanks too to all our helpers! Couldn't do it without you!

Patch vac-ing those spiders. (we had a large nest hatch. yipe!)

Steady Dave touching up trim.

Allen, Great Protector of the Chandelier

Dawn the fairy paintress.

O the lawn garbage! Piles and piles were cleared.

Eva stabbing the spackle onto the walls.

Not sure what this picture is about...

Cappy and his brush.

Uncle Bill the volunteer electrician

Prime-time with Dad C.

Mom C. - the merriest of maids!
... and Moving Day! (at the storage unit)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Postcards of Evangeline's Summer

A day at the lake in July.

Trying her first cone in August.

(she didn't finish it. just like her mommy!)

Playing with all her new bestest buddies.
(that's Faith, 2yrs, in the pink - always in motion!)

Having a quiet moment with her adoring buddy Isaac.

Helping Mommy "clean" in September.

Hiding in the closet with "Go-Erm."

This week, helping Mommy patch the walls of the new house.
That's my little spackler!

Three Years of Wonderful

September 3, 2006-2009
Love you forever, Adam Cana.
A little late, but better than not at all!