Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Happy Christmas-y Week

Guess what we did this week?


Last hint...

We started a new tradition with Ms. Patti and made our first "gingerbread" house!

Gettin' pretty sugar-sweet up in hee-yah.

Pretty magical.

Oh and she brought gifties!

Could it be?

Thank you, Ms. Patti!

We also headed downtown for the "Window Lights" show they have going on all season. A bunch of shops decorate their windows and put up a riddle about a classic Christmas present to solve. So we ate snickerdoodles and strolled amid the Christmas-iness.

This year the city didn't light the trees, such a bummer, but it was still beautiful down there.

Oh, and we took Alan to go see the "Little Big Light Show." He was pretty into it.

He doesn't get out much.

Hope each of you are enjoying the fun of the season!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

'Sup with Dre: 5 Months Old

Yo, it's me, your boy Dre, with an update on my latest and greatests. This has been one happenin' month, lemme tell ya all about it....

First, no surprise to any of y'all, I grew.

5 month stats:
Length: 26in.
Weight: 19lbs

This is still bigger than my sissy when she was a whole month older than I am now, by a pound and an inch! Yee, yeah! (chest pound) Mama calls me her "Chocolate Chunk."

Ma is happy that I've figured out my hands more in the last 4 weeks. She was all like, "Oh no, what if his fingers don't work?" And I was all, "Yo ma, chill-out, I got dis."

The women in my life, that would be Ma and Sis, can be pretty exhausting.
I know some of you folks out there are feeling me on this one.

Something new I'm also doing these days is sitting up on my own. I'm pretty balanced, and once again Ma is proud. She's such an easy please, gotta love her.

Sis has been helpin' me out a lot, as usual. I gotta admit, I'm kinda a sucker for her, she's pretty sweet. Did you know she helped me learn to roll over, she cleans up my ever-present messes, sings to me all the time, and feeds me breakfast? Yeah, pretty nice. One thing though that kinda freaks people out about her ever since I've been here is, she does have this weird way of talking to me with her teeth all gritted and voice all deep. "You're a widdle boy-ee, widdle boy-ee, my widdle boy-ee! Whatchoo doooowin? " Gotta admit, I go nuts for it.

So I mentioned that I grew, right? Yeah, well so did my fro and Ma had a hard time keepin' my hands out of it (it feels so awesome, y'all!), and it was gettin' matted in the back and broccoli-like on the top, so she cut it.

Now some of y'all are gonna fuss about this saying I'm "so little" and "just let it be," but believe me, she made the right call on this one. I was beginning to loose my coolness (I know, who knew it was possible?) with this lofa-lookin' deal on my head.

Check me.

Now folks can better see the total stud underneath. Soopa cool.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dreaming of Heaven

Em: (dreamily) "When I go to The Place God has prepared for me, I think there will be mountains. Yep, my place will have mountains."
Adam: "Mine will have a pudding room."

Friday, December 9, 2011

Eva Quote: Just For Pretend

Cashier: "Is Santa coming to your house soon?"
Eva: (fake laugh) "Yes, but just for pretend."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

O we need a little Christmas, right this very minute!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Campbellstown...

After over-hearing Mommy and Daddy commenting on how her head looked like a tomato,
Mummzie: "E, are you still wearing that hat?"
Eva: (condescending laugh) "Um, yes, I'm still a cherry tomato! A course!"

Hey friends, have you been to the Spotsy Towne Center Light show? It's so very superdupersnowflake!

"So coooool."

They really do have a great little show there. The whole mini-town goes dark, the the music comes from every direction, LOUDLY, as the lights twinkle and flash in time with it. All the children started dancing - so cute. I so woulda joined them, but someone had to take the pictures.

More Christmastime from Campbellstown to come!