Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas Part 3 - Chrissy in Manassy

After a day or so of rest back in MD, we were off to Manassas, VA to see Grandma Hawkins and Uncle George and Aunt Sue (My dad's mother, brother, and his wife). In typical Hawkins family style, we feasted and partied!
Uncle Geo, Grandma, and Dad at the Red Robin... Yum!

"More picante dip to go with my rings please, Daddy!"Time to play pass the baby!
Ringing in the New Year a bit early...
... but with attitude...
... and adorableness!

Uncle Geo, festive Eva, and a gremlin.
Handsome Crazy Tay and E with a mini Mohawk.
Probably chatting about shopping with Aunt Sue.
Eva loved sitting with her (Great) Uncle George
Cute Sue

And I had to include The Chandelier. The Chandelier, as you can see, is fabulous, and it grows in fabulousity each year and stays fabulous all year-round. We just pray it doesn't come crashing (fabulously) down into our dinner some day... (although I'm sure it would be a tragicly fabulous sight to behold.)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Part 2 - Chrissy in NC

Then we traveled to see my family - "the Hawkcrew" - in North Carolina.
All the "children" ... sometime I'll introduce them all.

The "married-offs" - Adam, Em, Eva & Evan, Leah, Henry
This is my older bro and his wife (and pup). They live about an hour outside of Charlotte. We were so happy they could come visit with us!

The gals - Niece/ Grandbaby Eva, Sister Em, Sister Elissa, Sister Leah, Mother Sharon

Eva's new favorite cousin - Henry

She really loved him.

She was a total dork trying to get his attention the whole time. Hilarious!

My cutie

Eva got very sick the second day we were there - fever and terrible cough, then double ear infection. Poor baby, she was miserable... and then she gave it to everyone else because nobody could keep their hands off her cuteness!

Since we had 2 whole weeks to hang-out, I had a whole lot of picture opportunities!
And, as you will see, my family is not camera shy (as most of you already know)!

I don't have any words for this one... Mmm, sugar cookies.
"Eli and Addsie"
...add some Joe...
...they really are like cartoon characters some of the time.
... you could say we got a good healthy dose of ridiculous in NC!
uh,... ...make that 2 doses.
We watched our teams...
...go for it...

...and lose. (I think the reason he missed that field goal is in that picture above... seated at the end of the couch... NOT cheering!)
Kasay's look here says it all. It's ok, buddy, we still know you're Money.
So, back to the week. Some got dressed up... (Christmas Eve Service)
...others stayed dressed-down.
Sick Eva with Uncle Crazy Tay
It was nice weather that week, so we all played outside.
Isn't she beautiful?

"Treddy" being the little dork we love.
It's a game they play...

... I don't get it either.
The Cyclist
The Chili-Lover
The Saltine!
E and "Mimi"
The car repairs
(A:"You're doin' a mighty fine job there, Jim. Tighten them bolts!")
By Christmas Day E was doing much better.
Mommy and Daddy however were pretty pathetic.
Gotta love the bear suit from Mimi!
"I love Grandpa thiiiiiiis much."
Evangeline's many fans look on as she opens her Christmas gifts
Finger puppets!
Tasty puppets!
Patch's racer
These guys were hiding in someones stocking.
When they saw each other, it quickly came to fisticuffs!Adam's dream come true... The Bullet!
The Great Pants
(we all agreed he could use the next size down)

Hearts were warmed by the Yule Log, a much-celebrated tradition.

By the end of the 2 weeks, we were all feeling much better.
Still looking a little pale - Mommy and her E

What a blessing to be home in NC once more. Miss you all every day! Love you!