Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wombfruit Update and Wacky Pets

W ent to the baby doctor last Tuesday the 23rd. Got to hear one very rapid heartbeat! The nurse said that all the rustling around I was hearing on the monitor was the baby.... surprise!... rustling around. So Wombfruit, as we have come to call Baby, is doing quite a bit of moving about down there and having a lovely time.

Pregnancy Site: "Your fetus is now about three inches long and the size of a peach. Also developing this week: your baby's vocal chords."

Well, I'm out of the first trimester or at least feeling like it. Yeehaw. I'm 13 weeks. Energy hath returned to me and I can cook again! Adam is happy about this news too. (Today I made homemade chicken noodle soup. Care for a taste?)

Big news in Campbellstown: We have a new arrival! Not Wombfruit, thankfully...still a little too shrimpy that one. A little parakeet has joined Bargeory in her tiny barred kingdom. And she's none too thrilled about him. I found him 2 Sundays ago lying in a divot in the parking lot of our apartment. Poor thing was shivering and very weak, but he's made a full recovery. We have named him Jake Leroy Delhomme. We drew names from a jug. Adam wanted to call him El Darno. Thankfully, God is sovereign.

Another pet surprise this past week was Adam's fish Augustine Aurelius getting an internal infection that caused her to swell like she had swallowed a gumball. I'll spare you the details but not the photos. (Coming soon!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lord, Have Mercy

Thanks Ricki, for these glimpses of the blissful future.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Salvation and Shmall Stuff

Hello all.
This week knees are developing on the little one as well as teeth inside those bitty gums. Wild!

It's fun to have Baby's picture up on the fridge to show all. It's cool as well to pray for our new kiddo...he/ she is really real!! I pray for the Lord to draw this new heart to Him and to give Baby a tender conscience and a love for the Word. Parenting begins!

So, we have a 1 1/2 bedroom apartment (which we love) that fits us pretty well. However, there will be one more of us sooner than we think and we are now realizing how Baby's stuff is already taking up space...that really isn't there. Well, we'll see how long we stay here. Our lease is up 3 months after Squirt arrives, so we'll likely be moving to another apartment (Please, a little bigger one, Lord!) then if not elsewhere. I'm having fun buckling different things into the car seat in the meantime. Adam and i will be conducting crash tests soon. I'll post results.