Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Belvedere Adventures

Each fall we get passes to a local farm festival that runs for all October. It's kinda my favorite thing ever, so we'll probably go there for years to, I hope the kids like it.

Seems like they do. : )

Monday, November 11, 2013

Postcards from September

September is one of my favorite months, everyone is trying to fit in the last happy bits of summer in, and the weather is finally beginning to be enjoyable (this girl hates heat, folks). We jumped right into the month, and new season, with apple picking!

Then Joe came to visit, and we went adventuring in D.C.

Is it tacky to stick your feet in the national monuments?

Some prehistoric knowledge gathering at the Smithsonian... so cool!

The next day Joe and I hiked (it's our favorite) down 6 miles into a canyon and back out. Biggest, baddest hike I've ever done... whimp, I know.

School continued.

Football began!!!!!!!!

And Dre continued to get used to his new specs. We patch his good eye for an hour a day to encourage growth in the weaker one.

Everybody kinda gets into it to encourage him. : )

We played.

We styled.

And we found out at the allergist that dogs (eva) and peanuts (dre) are no good for our house anymore.

Hope you had a snugly September!

End of Summer Outer Banks Trip (with the Fahys!)

So I'm rather behind on these posts, still posting about summer, as you can see! But I just love taking the time to write a little and "scrapbook" these events digitally, so it takes time. 

In September we took our little family vaca with some buddies from church, the Fahy family, and we had a wonderful time! The weather was colder than we liked the first few days (that's why the children are in long sleeves on the beach!) but it warmed up nicely later that week.
Eva and I made a list of things we wanted to do at the beach, one of them was DIG A BIG HOLE! We decided an aqueduct was more fun... and it was!

The rental house we stayed in had a little red wagon, which was also a big hit. : )

Here's our place... it was one of the best houses we've ever stayed in - comfortable, not far from everything we needed, hammock swing, red wagon, and three porches!

Being at the OBX always makes me think of this place... the Junkanu in Kill Devil Hills, where we used to go when I was Eva's age.

We did end up digging that big hole, or as the kids called it, "the pool."

Eva and I had a date together one afternoon, and we went to all the places that I went with my mom when I was little... like the Christmas Mouse. : )

We also went shopping for souvenirs at, where else, but Wings, and came home with, what else, but hermit crabs! Traditions. 

When the week was done, nobody wanted to go home...
But Daddy made it better by stopping at the soft pretzel shop on the way out of town. 

Grateful for a beautiful week!