Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yay, videos!

This one is from January... she looks so little only a couple months ago!

This one is longer and may be only interesting if you're a hard core Eva fan. (like Grandmama)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Salin'

We're preppin' for our spring yard sale (May 8th) these days. I've been collecting, sorting, and pricing things into boxes. Eva, as you'll see below, has been doing what we like to call "help-dering." (helping + hindering) And it looks like her little hiney is going to be a good bargain...

Easter Chickie

Easter means spring is here, white is now appropriate, candy can be found in the back yard, Christ is risen (!), and for me when I was a child..... BEAUTIFUL DRESS! Easter Sunday for 8 year old Emily meant you learned and talked about Jesus in your white gloves and lace hat that you hoped everyone had noted the moment you came in the front door of the church. (Seriously, every little girl I knew was thinking the same thing... I'm sure of it.) I'm looking forward to continuing this tradition of fun and femininity, hopefully with less vanity, with my daughter(s) as she/they grow. Hopefully, God in His graciousness will enable Eva to listen better than I did to what we teach her about Easter Sunday and the glorious Gospel we're celebrating... in the meantime, while God, we trust, is at work, she'll enjoy feeling "b-you-full."

I call this one "Mimi's Baby Doll"
Don't she look it?

Roaming in the Mr. Wayne's yard... dress was a gift from Miss Patti (Thank you!!)
Miss Maggie's flowers (we visit them daily)

"Sniffin' shmell goods."

She looks SO like her Mimi here! So beautiful.
This is her saying "cheese" face. we tried "vitamin" (her gummy treat at breakfast) and we got a tiny grin.

She was taking this 'looking beautiful' thing a little too seriously.

The leaves make it look like it was cold out... but it wasn't.

"Dis one no shmell good. No like it. All done?"

Thank you, Laina.

One good grin,

one scream,

and we were done.
This is her faking sleeping so she doesn't have to do anything else I tell her to. I think she got that from Daddy.
(Wink. Love you, Baby.)