Friday, March 26, 2010

Jump Daddy!

Family worship time, a weekly par-tay.

Ya can't tell, but they're in midair, hence the delight!

Eva Quote:
Mummzie: "Eva, would you please go tell Daddy that it's lunch time?"
Eva at the top of the stairs yells to Daddy: "Ay Babe, samich!" (sandwich)

Mummzie Made Muffins

My "dainty" not wanting to get her hands in the butter.

Cinnamon Blueberry (Secretly Healthy) Muffins


Eva Quote of the Week:
Eva: "Oh no! Broken! Mommy biscuit?" (i.e. 'can you fix it')

Ready or not... Time to be a Big Girl

A few weeks back, Mummzie and Daddy decided that instead of replacing Eva's getting-funky old pacifiers, it was time for a change. So, it was goodbye passies and hello "big-girl" bed.

Here she is delighted with her new bed and "pill-whoa so pwetty."

Yes, it was well received.

And (best of all) a real nap actually did happen!

Eva Quote of the Week
While riding in the car, Eva was trying to get her Mummzie's attention, but Mummzie said she needed to wait, Mummzie was talking to Daddy. Eva didn't want to wait. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...... HOTTIE!" Daddy's name for Mummzie did get attention.

Fond-a of the Flora

This is often how Eva spends her days: caring for a bear, doll, or book while toting about her bouquet of "fwowers." It's an assortment of things selected from her playroom bounty; a pinwheel, a fairy wand, and a couple of actual silk flowers she picked out at the craft store on a Mommydate. Mummzie has been decorating the house lately, so perhaps she was inspired?

Eva Quote of the Week:

After being introduced to her first marshmallow, Eva reported to Mummzie that it was "gooood." A moment later Mummzie felt a gentle stroking on her leg as Eva cooed, "Friiieend, friiieend."

Scribbles on a Sick Day

We're not sick anymore, praise the Lord, but here E was a sad little Chicken Nugget.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Planting with my Sprout

Ambitiously, I have decided to plant a full garden this year even tho we're not sure how our soil conditions are. But we have the seeds and the willingness to work hard, so why not? So a couple weeks back I started some seeds indoors, incubated them, and have had a healthy batch of sprouts emerge and leap forth at the sunlight! They're nearly ready for outdoor planting now, I've been hardening them off. I just hope our trees don't block all the good rays from my hopeful garden!
Eva was delighted by the "cookies" for the "speeds."

Selecting some "proven winners."

And...... PLANT!

Evangeline has been a good little mommy to the seedlings. She's daily interested in their progress and care. "Mommy, a pants need drink!" She thinks they're always thirsty. Yesterday, I potted a few larger, stronger sprouts and put them outdoors. Eva saw that some of the plants were missing and panicked, "Oh no! Oh no! A pants! Oh no!" and began looking for them. I reassured her that they were safe and happy in their new pot outside in the sun.

A photo of a happy visit from Grandmama (and Granddaddy).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Visit to Carolina

Our January trip highlights:
Wrestling Grandpa
Mixing things up with Mimi

Sweet Uncle Joe

In this picture I think she looks a lot like her Gr.Grandmama Jane

Worship twirls! Justapraisin!

"More books!" (with Allen)

More playin' with Auntie Eli
(I think the carmera made her eyes creepy)

Little Windows into a Little World

Mummzie see my new trick...
Did you see Eva?
Still got those baby cheeks! (must be a Hawkins thing)
"Omy Goonez!"
(Doesn't she look so like Cailin??)