Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacationing at Surfside

Hello all!
We just got back this week from our super-fun first ever family vacation! Here's what we did...

We wore our favorite hats...

Hit the batting cages... This is me.This is me missing the ball. (though i did get a piece of most of them.)

This is the sign that Adam wanted be to put on the next photo... This is Adam. These are his mad skills.

This is us getting some ice cream.

Adam got a large. I got a small.
(That's Huckleberry deliciousness right there) We tried the pool...

...but not too much.

We went for a night-time beach walk...
...and tried the ocean.
It was warm!
What a blessing to get away as a family! God is good to us.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Calling All Mommies

Here is a site that has really helpful "cheat-sheets" for safe bottles, passys, teethers, lotions, etc for you and baby. We can't protect Baby from every little thing, that's God's job, but it is helpful to know that we can buy one kind of bottle over another that may be better for her.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Funny Faces

Well, this week, finds the Campbell "mini-clan" vacationing in Surfside Beach, SC. We're staying at my uncle George's condo a mile from the beach. (you guys rock, sue and george! love you!) 

There's lots to do at here, we're very near Myrtle Beach, but one of our favorite things to do on vacation is nothing. Then, after doing some of that, we rent movies, order pizza, and sleep. We do have big plans tho. There are the batting cages to hit, bowling lanes to master, the Boardwalk to wander on, the carnival to see, and shopping to do. And don't forget the BEACH! We'll see what the baby girl lets us do. So far, we made it to the beach yesterday, but it didn't last long. Some little someone, decided that she hated her sunhat and wanted her nap... but she refused to sleep on the beach of course. Too exciting! We also realized we need a beach umbrella. So, Mommy, Daddy and Whiney-face headed back to he condo. Here's some pictures of "family time."

Though usually quite expressive, when it was "silly faces time" Eva decided she would only wear her cuteness face. go figure.
Daddy makes Little Girl laugh.
He loves his "Eva-Shady."
"That's enough, Daddy. Go get your shirt on."

Tonight: Outback Steakhouse
Tomorrow: Breakfast at the Golden Egg
Later: THE WORLD! (ok, a bit ambitious.) 

Promised Pictures

Once again, ladies and few gentlemen, my ever expressive Eva...

"Uh, Mama, ya got a little something stuck in your nose there..."

Blowing bubbles

"You're not going to drop that camera on me now, are you?"

"So, let me get this straight..."

"Yeeeah, Boooy!"

A Post from Eva

hi guys this is eva. mom's really busy rigth now, so she hasn't been posting, but she loves you all and so do i... i think. well, i don't really think a lot actually, so i don't know. (i don't know a lot of stuff yet.) but i probably love you all. anyway, i'm 2 months now! mom took a lot of pictures of me the other day... it was dizzying! she'll share them with you guys soon.
love probably, eva