Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Carolina!

I miss watchin' my guys.


Go Panthers!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Girl Update

"Uhm... just showin' off my sittin' skills, ya'll."

"God sure did a nice job makin' this here punkin' Mommy."

Well, it's come and gone, but Eva turned 5 months a couple weeks ago. She's over 16 and a half pounds right now (that's actually more than that pumpkin she's playing with!) and she is still a little tall for her age.

New things this month: She's eating fruits or veggies twice a day, sweet potato is her favorite. Her hair is now coming in darker brown instead of her sunny orange, but her eyebrows remain pink-red. (I love those eyebrows) (When I was pregnant my dreams of her had her with dark hair. Go figure.)

She is very attentive and takes notice of small details (like stitching on Mommy's shirt) and tones of voice. She seems to understand things a lot more these days and has difficulty "coping" when mommy and daddy walk out the door. (I thought we had more time before separation anxiety! Seriously, I was in CVS last week with Eva in her stroller and I disappeared from sight for a moment and she freaked out until I stepped back into view - where upon the panic attack ceased abruptly and was replaced with a huge grin. i think i'm in trouble.)

Eva loves her new ExerSaucer from her cousin and has picked a favorite toy - a squishy world-shaped stress ball that she'll kick and scream for. (once again, oh boy.) She loves to sleep with her blankie and goes down for bed without a fuss. She sings herself to sleep sometimes! She has a special screech that's just for Daddy and will light-up and go kickin' crazy when she sees him. (That's why we call him "Thrill-a-Minute-Daddy! That's also why he used to be banned from the room at bedtime.)

She does great these days with her routine taking 2 naps a day and occupying herself cheerfully on her own during her "playtimes." She's learned how to use her hands really well this month and can easily hold and reach for things.

She really is a delight. Even during her "Fussy 5 to 7", or the "Power Hours" as my mom says, she will sometimes be cheerful and let Mommy and Daddy sit down to talk instead of taking a stroll. God is kind. And it's so cute to have your baby reach for you to pick her up, who can say no to that?? (for now)

She's really into spitting and scratching too. When she discovers something new, whatever it is gets this treatment. "Oh, a freckle on Mommy's arm!" (makes excited 'raspberry' spitting sound and immediately begins vigorously scratching at it) Slapping everything and face-grabbing are also popular "games" these days.

Of course the biggest developement has been her sitting on her own. We've been practicing and she can can do fine for a minute or so these days. Of course we have had our tumbles, it's all a learning process - for both Mommy and Girly!

I love my Eva.

Eva and Mommy like to play.
(Yep, those are CareBears on her PJs)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Finding the Gospel in My Computer Woes

We're still experiencing technical difficulties here in Campbellstown. We've got internet (Praise God!), but the computer can't handle any software. So, no printing or loading programs and it still needs help before I ask it to hold photos. It ate all my photos before. Some, thankfully are on CDs, but I still lost a lot.

Sometimes it's hard because I want to complain, but God has been so good to us that, when I consider Him, my grumblings are silenced. He's taking good care of us. He's being good to us through this little trial. And He has shown me the great measure of His love through giving His Son to die in my place because of my sin. So, in light of that kind of love and taking care of my greatest need, how like Him would it be to provide for a smaller need - like a tech guy to fix our computer? In my opinion, very like Him.

So, I'll wait and see what He has planned for our poor computer and for my learning heart. In the meantime, if you, my blog-buddies, are reading this, would you mind sending up a quisper for us? Thanks!

Quisper: quick, whispered prayer

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Computer Update

Hello there!
Update on computer issues: Thanks to Nafeez (Adam's middle school buddy), the computer is no longer dead! God was so kind to us! It cost us nothing to have him fix it and it's going to be better than it was before once we fix the last problems. Right now, it's working so i can check e-mail, but i can't do photos on it for another few days while we're working on it.

So, I'm sorry to all her fans, but that means Eva's 5 months photos will have to wait. She's sick right now anyways, we're going to the doctor today to find out if her cold has given her an ear infection. Pray for computer resolutions and a healthy baby girl!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Computer Virus

Hello my blog-folk. I have sad news to report. It appears that my computer has a serious virus. It causes freezes, crashes, pops-up strange warning messages every few seconds, changes my wallpaper, changes what web page I'm viewing, won't let me print, won't let programs run, has disabled my Task Manager, and won't let me turn the computer off without holding the button in. Like I said, serious. All this happened just today after some normal web surfing. I'm looking for help right now, but for the next while I'll be checking my email at night and on weekends with this (Adam's) computer and blogging may slow down a good bit. 

Please pray for a solution! At this point, getting a new computer is not an option! : )

Thursday, October 2, 2008


In many ways, September was a month of firsts for our Miss Eva. First food (cereal), first giggle (we love Aunt Leah!) and first time rolling over. It was a month of "new."

New tricks: Rolling over!
New Thrills: Yay, Daddy!

Auntie Eli will be happy to know,
we grew into our cutest jacket this past month.
And of course, we found some sweatpants to match.
Ah, necessities.
And we went coat shopping with Great Grandma Hawkins!

We found one for Sundays and Christmas
... it's fuzzy snow fur...

and a winter coat...it may be a little big just now. Gotta love the hood!
We tried a new chair. We like it.
We tried a new food.
We didn't like it. (much)
We partied in North Kackalacky... "No picture, Auntie Eli."

"Uhm, Uncle Allan could palm my head, Mommy."

And finally, some 4-months-old pictures:

What a beautiful little girl the Lord has made!

We love you, Eva-Emma!