Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Christmas Week 2013

After a year of waiting, and a month of preparing,

Christmas week came!

All God's precious angels arrived...

 ... and the elves set to work on last minute gifties (thank you Dad and Joe for helping me finish that dollhouse!!)...

 It was time to celebrate! 
(Eva sang in the children's Christmas choir at church dressed as an angel. It was, as you'd expect, pretty magical, more so than Dre's Christmas cheer.)

 Donned we then our most festive apparel! Pup-cousin Waffles sported his yule-tide knit,

...our patriarch displayed an uncomfortable amount of swag with his sleeve tattoo,

... and Uncle Geo put on some weight....I mean Kevlar, he put on some Kevlar. Because he is a really cool cop that is not to be messed with. Seriously, don't.  

And it was Christmas! (this is T's "Chrissmiss yeeah!" face)

Some more happy faces. : )

The occasion was made perfect by everyone's favorite: feasting!

Well, almost everyone's...


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