Thursday, September 4, 2014

Getaway to Gordonsville (where?)

This year has been a really good one for free vacations for us Campbells. Apparently all the timeshare types think we need to come see what they have to offer. We keep saying, "No thanks." and they don't seem to mind, so it works out. The first one of three such trips sent us to tiny Gordonsville, Virginia out in Shenandoah, much to my particular enjoyment! Spring had begun to suggest warmer temperatures to the weather man, and the Huz and I were off to the valley where we explored this gem of a resort.

Our cabin on the lake couldn't have been more charming!

 And of course, when in Shenandoah.... take pictures of awkwardly placed tree limbs. Yeah, this actually was the best shot.

So if you're looking for a quiet mountain getaway, on a small property dotted with cabins, yurts, and horses, we highly recommend Shenandoah Crossings Resort.

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