Monday, September 1, 2014

Winter Wandering and Woodwork

 March brought us more snow almost weekly, but none of us seemed to mind much. Even our little tropical-blooded buddy found his own ways to enjoy the chilliness.

Yes, the cold was never a hindrance to our explorations, especially when Mummzie is ready to get moving after weeks of limitation. These two had missed our hikes just as much as I had!

One brisk morning, we went to the lake to make frozen sand castles. It's actually quite helpful to have the sand so stiff. : )
 Once the weather began to thaw a bit, we all headed to Shenandoah to spend a day with our mountain friends. (Try to ignore how miserable the children are pretending to be, stinkers. They loved it, especially picnic lunching with a view.) 

On days that we couldn't get out, we stayed happily cozy inside.... happily that is, until Mummzie says clean up your room.

In this silly sweet picture of playtime, note the table in the background...

That makeshift situation was because THIS was going on!!

 Magical Joseph (and his sweetheart Sarah) came to help me prep and put together our new tabletop made from barn wood I'd harvested over a year ago from a local demolition. Three weeks of picking splinters from my palms and the house smelling like sealant ... (yes, that's more snow on the ground outside the door. Hence my elfin apparel.)
 ... and this beauty was born! She's made of deliciously scarred and perfectly pockmarked red oak beams taken from an outbuilding on a 75 year old dairy barn that used to stand a mile from our home.

This table makes any food sitting on it look more scrumptious, I swear. Behold, the lowly dandelion! 

C'mon, doesn't that wood grain make you consider, just for a moment, eating my lawn weeds? 


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